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Music Paradise - Mp3 Download

Music Paradise - Mp3 Download  apk

Best music paradise app for android phones and tablets.
Mp3 download free Copyleft Music and CC-Licensed music with our free Mp3 Music Downloader app. This app is 100% legal.
Music Paradise lets you easily search through many Royalty free music databases such as Jamendo and SoundCloud to let you listen to music for free legally.

DISCLAIMER: If you believe a search result infringes on your copyright, please email me jetubapp3@gmail.com the DMCA complaint and I will forward it to the specified music search engine. We do not host any content ourselves. We aggregate search results.

Finally, in Love Again

Finally, in Love Again  apk

Voltage Romance Games for Girls: Over 26 million downloads worldwide!

The prologue is free. The main stories cost $3.99 and contain 13 episodes each.
The story saves automatically at the end of every chapter.
Check out the video here:

For my birthday, I got...
Love for the first time in 10 years!?
You're a pastry chef.
You've been wrapped up in your job, and your love life has fallen by the wayside.

"I don't think I know how to do relationships anymore."

You go to a singles event on your birthday and five attractive men profess their love for you!

Voltage Romance Games for Girls: Over 22 million downloads worldwide!

The prologue is free. The main stories cost $3.99 and contain 13 episodes each.
The story saves automatically at the end of every chapter.
Check out the video here:

■A dramatic love story begins
He doesn't care that you're still thrown off by how rusty you are!
He's very intent on inviting you on dates and stealing kisses...

"Don’t think. Just feel that I’m here."

Before you know it, you're so head over heels you forget your discombobulation!
It's been a long time since you were in love, but now it's about to happen again!

The choices you make will affect how things proceed with your guy and the heart-pounding events that occur.

■The Guys
Aki Fujishima: The Womanizing Nice Guy
He seems innocent enough, but he's actually quite predatory.
By the time you realize he's got you wrapped around his finger,
you're remembering how much fun it is to be in love...
"Don’t I already have your heart for good?"

Shuichiro Momoi: Snarky but Caring
He's grumpy and says nothing but mean things to you.
You thought you'd never fall in love with someone like that, but...
"I’ll sweep you off your feet for good."

Yoh Kobayakawa: Deceptively Sweet
With that ingratiating smile, he wormed his way into your heart.
When did he become so important to you?
"Can I have your heart?"

And there are more hot guys to come!
Who will you choose to finally be in love with again?

■How to Play

Playing is easy!
1. Open the app and press "Read a story".
2. Choose a character you like.
3. Read the story and make choices to get closer to your guy.
4. There are two endings! Your ending will depend on the choices you make.
5. The romance continues even after your love blooms!
  "Romantic sequels and sub stories are added every month."

■Your Perfect App!

Are you curious about this whole 'romance game' thing?
Are you into romantic movies? Do you like a good love story? Cute boys? Shojo manga?
...Then, welcome to the addictive world of romance sims!

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My Forged Wedding
In Your Arms Tonight
Be My Princess

Please check the FAQ before contacting us.
If you still need help after reading the FAQ,
use the Contact Us button from within the App or use the App Support button on this page.

Recommended devices
Android OS 2.2 and later
Please make sure your phone's "USB debug mode" is set to "off".
*Please note that Voltage games are not playable on rooted android devices.
If your Android is rooted, please unroot your Android and restart an app to play.

Arm Doctor - Surgery Games

Arm Doctor - Surgery Games  apk

Although Brave, but at times clumsy as well! So naturally there are a lot of children visiting the Hospital for various issues with their arms and hands. You might even come across a beautiful princess!

It is now up to you to become the top hand doctor and fix those clumsy kids! You will have a nurse to help with everything along with your own little clinic! It’s not hard though, you just have to be brave and you will fix them up in no time!

=== How to Play ===

Little Patients are waiting for you, select one and start the treatment
Perform a general checkup using a Thermometer & Stethoscope
Clean the wounded area by spraying, then cleaning with cotton and finally applying some cream
When at the hospital you have to be sure of everything, so take an X-Ray and discover what’s inside their arm or hand
Join the bones of the clumsy kid, and make sure they are brave enough not to cry
The nurse will assist you throughout the treatment at the hospital
Send them off from the clinic and back to their parents
Finish the treatments to unlock bonus items!

=== Features ===

- Completely Free, No In-App Purchases
- 4 Characters
- Includes Various tools used in hospitals & clinics
- Learn to clean injuries and perform makeovers
- Fun & Exciting X-Rays!
- Repair hand bones
- Make sure you play every day to unlock the daily bonus!

So what are you waiting for? Start treating little princesses with the help of the nurse! Be the best Arm Doctor there is!


TIPY TAPY WEB ADDRESS: http://tipytapy.webs.com/

TIPY TAPY PRIVACY POLICY LINK: http://tipytapy.webs.com/privacy-policy

TIPY TAPY SUPPORT ADDRESS: tipytapyapps@gmail.com

Make Old - Old Booth

Make Old - Old Booth  apk

Now available for download from Google Play photo editor with which you can make your old face

3D Car Transport Trailer Free

3D Car Transport Trailer Free  apk

Park your car in Car Transport Trailer and drive cars to destinations. Do you think you can manage a truck huge carry heavy load? Car Transport Trailer 3D will give you the mega experience of driving car transporters and experience the heavy load. With this ultimate car transporter game, you’ll test your driving skills at parking cars inside the transporter and driving the big trucks yourself.

In this extreme driving & parking mania game, we challenge you to try this mega vehicle carrier and transport cars to the destination. Park the cars carefully and maneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Then drive the massive truck while managing the load on top. So your parking troubles are doubled.

Car Transport Trailer 3D features include:
• 20+ Extreme and double parking missions
• Customized controls of your choice from accelerometer, steering and buttons
• Movable camera to allow for a better view from all angles
• 3D Awesome graphics of city environment and a massive Car Transport Trailer

Join us in this twin parking mania which will top every other car and truck parking games. Experience all that in one game and master the parking skills of a Car transport trailer driver 3D
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spider tower down

spider tower down  apk

Spider tower down
In the fast -paced climb Vanellope this game your goal is to rise as high as you can while avoiding ralph , bill angry , pet attacks , throwing stars and exploding bombs . With a simple tap you can jump from one another candy wall , knocking obstacles from the air as you . Take down three enemies of the same kind to trigger mega bonuses jump . Collect shields to plow through your opponents with . Just watch out for ledges and other ralph because they will knock you off and send you to your doom !
You will be amazed by the gorgeous graphics , rich gameplay , and music filled madly addictive quality of this game .
Features include :
- Simple single - tap gameplay
- Ralph
Beautiful graphics
- Awesome bonuses
- Original sound and music
- Papaya Leaderboards
- Challenge your friends via email
- Post Point on Facebook
At CoDoStudios making fun games is priority one ! We have seen over 1 million downloads on our library of games and very valuable support and your feedback .

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising  apk

Take over the stars, blast through enemy fighter waves and destroy capital ships while piloting the most advanced fighters in the galaxy.

Strike Wing is a single player space combat simulator that combines sharp controls, beautiful graphics and adaptable missions to create an unique space combat experience for mobile devices.

WARNING: If you experience problems installing or running the game please make sure you have at least 200 MB of free space available on the device before starting the installation.

Fly beautifully designed ships in asteroid fields, around planetary orbits or in deep space. Experience a colorful and vibrant representation of space on your mobile device.

Play with the accelerometer or with the on-screen virtual stick. Learn each ship’s flight characteristics and master them individually.

Choose from super-fast and nimble fighters to heavy torpedo bombers, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and style of play. Progress through the levels to gain access to more ships and features!

Missions adapt to your style of play, to your skill and ship choice to give you a consistent challenge every time you play. Need an extra challenge? You can make each mission more difficult at a flip of a switch and reap better rewards.

The game is offered for free in trial mode. This allows you to experience the first story mission, play the tutorials and one challenge mission for free before purchasing the full version. There is no time limit, ads or other such limitations for the trial version.

Month: Calendar Widget

Month: Calendar Widget  apk

Month is a collection of beautiful and useful Calendar widgets.

View your calendar events, friend’s birthdays in over 70 beautiful themes.

Supports lunar calendar.

Fast, modern and intuitive UI.

Made with love ♥

Anonymous Texting

Anonymous Texting  apk

Keep your real number private and send texts with a new number. Great for pranks!


Get started with a REAL private number and 3 credits when you signup.

★★ USES ★★

- Prank texting
- Sending texts from a new phone number
- Posting on Craigslist
- Dating
- Finding out if your boyfriend/husband is cheating on you
- Finding out if your girlfriend/wife is cheating on you

Or just when you want a private number for sending some texts!


✓ Create as many real private phone numbers as you want
✓ Add a phone number from other countries
✓ Earn free credits

Face Changer - Photo Cool

Face Changer - Photo Cool  apk

Face Changer - Photo Cool - Make awesome pics !

English (US) TouchPal Keyboard

English (US) TouchPal Keyboard  apk

English (US) language pack for TouchPal X Keyboard.
This is only an addon. Please also install TouchPal X Keyboard to enable it.


• The No.1 popular FREE keyboard on Play. No Ads. Never Expires.
• The winner of Mobile Innovation Global Award
• Over 100 million users worldwide. Default keyboard on Sony, HTC, Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE and other 20 brands
• Customizable themes, Emoji, and 70+ languages.

Language: English (US)

Free Music Download

Free Music Download  apk

Free Music Download is a simple tools for download music files with Creative Common License into your Android Phone. This app is very easy to use with user friendly design.

Some of our app features:
- Search and download mp3 music
- Listen to the music
- Manage your music library
- Set music as a Ringtone
- Save to SD Card

This application is merely a search engine for music files. Please send DMCA complaints or suggestions to Newappscentury@gmail.com. Please read the information before using this application.

HaZuma Marble Blast

HaZuma Marble Blast  apk

Lost in the maze of exotic marble, destroying 100 level and win the game very difficult to play Marble Blast HaZuma
- The game with beautiful graphics, great sound addictive to play.
- Multiple difficulty with 2 chapters and 100 play mysterious door.
- A version entirely new style of zuma game.

MP3 Music Download and Play

MP3 Music Download and Play  apk

Download Copyleft and CC licensed Mp3 files with this completely legal music search app.
You always wanted to download free music fast from the internet with no limits? Well today is a special day for us as we release our first music mp3 music download and play app for free.

Please note that we do not take any responsibility of the misuse of this app. For the owners that would like to make a DMCA complain.

Easily search and download music that you love and enjoy for free. Give it a try and install our music downloader app now and all you have to do is to open,search for your favorite songs, play/preview them or just simplu download them.

Using the vast list of online search engines. Save your music to the phone or SD card, play it and listen to it anytime you want.
Use our app and enjoy FREE MUSIC now.

This is not a youtube downloader of any sort so you cannot download music from youtube.I hope you understand as we support a large music database to enjoy free tones from.
We are very proud to produce the best free music downloading app. If you do like our app we hope that you could share it with your friends and family. For all the music maniacs and gurus this is a special app for you to download
and listen the music you came to love and cherish.

Set the song from your favorite bands as your ringtone.

You get to see the name of the artist and the album with its cover to make sure that you are saving the right song and also the ability to listen to the music by previewing it before actually saving it.
For that we integrated the best music player for android so you can be stuck listening to music all day long and won t have to use extra apps for that.

All the files that you download will be available in your external storage accessible from your file explorer.

You can find every king of music from pop and jazz to rap and rock. Mp3 music download and play will get what are you looking for fast and easy.

Install our app and start listening to your favorite music for free now.

● Multi and fast download engine.
● You can set your files as ringtones.
● Player supports nearly all music formats.
● Search by artist or song.
● Listen with MP3 Music Downloader and Player or any Player from the Market
● Download to phone directly or SDCard

Write us and tell us how would you like us to improve out app at: tech@diginotech.com

For inquiries or DMCA requests please contact us at tech@diginotech.com

Grey GO Keyboard Theme

Grey GO Keyboard Theme  apk

Grey stylish theme makes you standout!

It is free! Download it and try it now!

- GO Keyboard theme is only available for phones with GO Keyboard(Emoji Free) installed.
Click here to install GO Keyboard(Emoji Free)!
- This theme is only run on GO Keyboard 1.8.0 or up.

★How to Apply the Theme:
Step 1. Download this theme.
Step 2. Click into GO Keyboard -> Theme Settings -> Local -> Apply

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La Liga TV – Official

La Liga TV – Official  apk

Access the official La Liga´s television app for the Spanish football league.

La Liga TV allows you to watch live matches, summaries and all the goals you´ve missed from previous match days.

Official video content, for FREE.


La Liga TV offers four types of content: DIRECT, SUMMARIES, GOALS and PROGRAMS

MY TEAM: This section allows you to directly access all the videos from your favourite team sorted by timeliness and organized by categories: direct, goals, summaries and programs.

HOME SCREEN: Is a configurable section where you will find the latest videos from La Liga and Liga Adelante teams.

DIRECT: Is where you can watch online and live league games. Get reminder notifications ahead of the games you chose on direct.

SUMMARIES: Video summaries of all Liga Adelante and Liga BBVA games.

- GOALS: Videos of all the goals throughout the day, organized by game.

- PROGRAMS: Where you can access special match day programs.

- FAVOURITES: Favourite videos you like the best, this enables you to access them whenever you want.

- WATCH LATER: You also have a list where you can add the videos you want to see more of later at your own convenience.

NOTIFICATIONS: Are fully configurable. Receive reminders for; the content that interests you, direct, your favourite team goals, summaries, etc.

Also, all the videos of the application have the option to be displayed on any TV screen through CHROMECAST.

Download LALIGATV now for free.

More information on:


Destroy All Robots

Destroy All Robots  apk

Destroy the Robots before they get to your base. Use a variety of weapons and upgrades to stop waves of robots.

- Boss Fights
- Great Retro HD graphics
- Simple and intuitive controls
- Fast paced action-packed defense
- Tons of upgrades

Ice Bucket Challenge Trick

Ice Bucket Challenge Trick  apk

Join Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Jennifer Lopez in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Except you can do it all the time without getting wet or cold.

Ice Water Challenge Simulator perfectly emulates a smartphone full of ice water. Thanks to award-winning physics by iBeer inventors Hottrix, the water moves whichever way you tilt your phone. This way you can drink or pour ice water anytime and anywhere.

Tired of staring at stars showing off wet T-shirts and turning a good cause into an ego fest? Take action and out-ice-water-bucket them all. Anytime - Anywhere!

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