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Crush Cookie

Crush Cookie  apk

Crush Cookie is a very tasty elimination game. In the world of delicious cookie cakes, begin our adventure fantasy and make a lot of tasty cookies.
Task one: eliminate enough cookies to obtain the specified target scores clearance;
Task two: the elimination of the target amount of ice is completed, the cookie cake complete collection;
Task three: delicious cookies appeared, the elimination of a specified number of cookies;
Task four: the ultimate task, when the ice, delicious cookies simultaneously requires chipping ice, collecting cookies, complete the final task.
How to play:
1 three similar cake elimination;
2 four similar cake eliminate, you can give the appropriate cake plus cream, this cake can eliminate an entire row or column of the whole cake
3 five similar cake eliminated, generating a 3 * 3 grid can eliminate effects or eliminate an entire row or an entire column cake effects
4 more than six similar cake eliminate generate an entire underground city can eliminate all kind of cake special effects, this effect is simply fantastic.
1 two cookies side by side effects can be eliminated more cake
2 cookies and cakes together can eliminate
3 two cakes together, they can refresh the entire screen
The more effects, more the number of cookies and cakes can be eliminated, and the higher the score, we refuel, moving it along!

Superhero Rescue- Be a Dentist

Superhero Rescue- Be a Dentist  apk

Gross! Movie Stars have forgotten to brush their teeth and need to see the Dentist. You be the Dentist! Help them get that perfect Smile!

Help take care of all your favorite Super Heros' smiles!

- Ironman!
- Spiderman!
- Batman!
- The ever famous Jack Sparrow!

Fun Dentist Games inside the App:
- Disgusting Cavities! Yank them all!
- Crusty Tarter Build Up! Scrape away the gunk!
- Yellow teeth! Brush them 'til they shine!
- Put Some Bling on those Teeth! Make 'em Sparkle!

Get Started TODAY!

NOTICE: This app contains in-app purchases. If you do not wish to purchase additional items, you may simply turn off the in-app purchase option in your settings.

Retrica selfie camera

Retrica selfie camera  apk

Retrica selfie camera editor application best camera in your grasp

Retrica selfie camera has many features to make your pictures much more interesting.

+ Simply touch to change the image resolution we
+ Retrica selfie can change the color of your photos into retro, lomo, black and white with ease
+ A variety of photo frame options we provide here
+ Cute stickers to decorate your pictures to be interesting
+ Retrica camera selfie able to provide a balanced color effects in your photos
+ Effects Crop, contrast adjustment, brightness, resolution images rotate and straighten your photos with just one touch only
+ With a focus feature contained in the application Retrica selfie this camera you can make an area of ??the photo you want to make you brighter.
+ There is also an image editor gan posts in this camera selfie Retrica
+ Give to those you love in facebook, twitter, instagram, email etc.. Send a surprise for your partner

NES Emulator

NES Emulator  apk

NES Emulator for android.
- Original NES engine
- High quality rendering
- Very fast
- Virtual On-screen keypad
- Save States (with previews)
- Customizable keys
- Turbo buttons
- Screenshot
- Bluetooth controller support
The best NES emulators on Android! Enjoy and leave nice ratings and feedbacks.

MIX by Camera360

MIX by Camera360  apk

From the PC World Award winning creator of Camera360 and HelloCamera, MIX by Camera360 is the most creative and comprehensive DIY photo editing app.

Feature Highlights:
# dSLR-like Depth of Field experience
# State of the art bokeh blurring
# Advanced selective color adjustment
# Non-linear & non-destructive workflow
# Design and save your own photo formulas
# 115 Handpicked filters
# 40+ Original textures
# 10+ Professional adjustment tools
# Fast multi-layer processing
# Easy sharing to Instagram

Created by the team behind the popular Camera360 app, MIX is the most creative and comprehensive standalone DIY photo effects layering and blending app. Designed as the perfect companion to Instagram, MIX has close to 200 handpicked effects and filters. These effects include light leaks, tilt shift blur, grunge textures, comic effects, starry night texture, grit and grain textures, original vintage filters, sky textures, frames and much more – all mixable, all adjustable, all savable, all FREE!

In addition, MIX by Camera360 comes outfitted with over 13 professional adjustment tools most notably, Bokeh Blur, Selective Color Adjustment, Level Enhancement, Vignette, Tilt Shift Blur, Depth of Field, Color Balance, White Balance, Highlights. All of these adjustments are added as layers giving you unprecedented control over every aspect in your composition.

MIX’s non-linear editing architecture and non-destructive workflow empowers but also simplifies the creative process of designing complex photo filters. MIX by Camera360 will be populated with adjustable formulas created by photographers and digital artists from around the world. No longer will you be limited to choosing photo presets produced by others, you can now design your own signature filters and get featured in MIX and Camera360.

With its intuitive UI and streamlined workflow, MIX by Camera360 is user friendly for any skill level. Whether you’re a photo enthusiast, designer, or a professional photographer, MIX gives you complete control over every aspect in your composition.

Perfect Companion to Instagram
What Instagram is to photos, MIX by Camera360 is to photo filters. Can’t find the filter you want to edit your Instagram photos? Create your own in MIX!

MIX by Camera360 is designed to be the perfect companion to Instagram, you can now make your photos stand out in Instagram with unique effects created in MIX.

Unparalleled dSLR DoF Effect
Love the blurring effect created by dSLRs? MIX’s unique dSLR DoF blur effect mimics the blurring and bokeh effect of dSLRs under different apertures. Now you can leave your bulky dSLR camera at home and still create dSLR like photos with MIX by Camera360.

Complete Control
MIX by Camera360 enables you to transform your photos in almost every way imaginable on-the-go. Packed with close to 200 filters, dSLR-like blurring effects, textures, light leaks and other professional adjustment tools, MIX is like photo editing in Manual Mode, it gives you unprecedented control over every aspect in your composition.

Save Your Edits For Future Use
Are you a Vintage, Foodie, or Lomo fanatic? What does your photo editing say about you? MIX by Camera360 enables you to design your own signature effects. Not only can you customize your photos, you can save your creative photo editing experience for future use. With MIX, you can now design that perfect vintage film look you couldn’t find anywhere else!

Popular Filters from Camera360
MIX by Camera360 includes the popular filters from Camera360: Loft, Lomo, Magic Sky, Magic Skin and more.

Have questions or suggestions? Please contact us at support@mix4ins.com

Oklahoma State Fair

Oklahoma State Fair  apk

The official Oklahoma State Fair app puts all the fun at your fingertips. Use it to plan your trip to all the great shows and events that take place at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City including the Oklahoma State Fair (September 11-21, 2014).

Purchase Tickets - Buy tickets to events including Disney On Ice and the Xtreme Bulls Tour anytime, anywhere.

Plan Your Trip – Check out the complete State Fair Daily Schedule plus see what’s happening on the grounds everyday of the year.

Interactive Map - Navigate through State Fair Park with ease; find buildings, arenas, barns, restrooms, ATMs, event information, and more!

Be Social - Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Spread out over 435 acres, State Fair Park plays host to nearly 200 events each year including world-class equine and livestock events, conventions, consumer trade shows, conferences, sporting events, concerts, meetings, weddings, banquets, retreats and more. State Fair Park’s biggest event, the annual Oklahoma State Fair, is one of the top State Fairs in the North America and is one of the largest outdoor events in Oklahoma. The Fair, which started in 1907, welcomes approximately one million guests each year to enjoy star-studded entertainment, rides for all ages, hand-crafted exhibits, delicious Fair Food, livestock and equine shows, and more.

Calculator for professionals

Calculator for professionals  apk


Swipe left / right to get to different calcultor modes: Simple mode, Graphs, Trigonometric, Hex/Bin, functions
Follow the tutorial steps.

* arithmetic expressions +,-,*,/,÷
* square root, cube and higher roots (hold root key)
* exponent, logarithms (ln, log)
* trigonometric functions sin π/2, cos 30°, ...
* hyperbolic functions sinh, cosh, tanh, ...
* inverse functions
* complex numbers, all functions support complex arguments
* derivatives sin x' = cos x, ...
* scientific notation
* percent mode
* save/load history

* multiple functions graphing
* scrollable and resizable graphs
* pinch to zoom

Solitaire All In One

Solitaire All In One  apk

Regular Solitaire, Spider, Free Cell, Forty Thieves, ALL IN ONE !!

If you love Windows solitaire card game, This solitaire all in one is a must have. It is a collection of four classic solitaire games include Regular Solitaire, Spider, Free Cell and Forty Thieves. All they just like the version playable on Windows. This Solitaire version is especially optimized for most of Android devices: from tiny smartphones to the biggest tablets. The gameplay is really easy on the touch screen.

- 1 suit
- 2 suits
- 4 suits
- Game state saved when interrupted
- Unlimited undo
- Auto complete to finish game
- Tap to move or drag and drop
- Audio On / Off
- Tablet support
- Install to SD card supported

Ironman: Journey of Earth

Ironman: Journey of Earth  apk

Ironman: Journey of earth is a fun and fast arcade game where you need to dodge objects to get as far as possible.
# Drag finger over the screen for easy control.
# Features
- HD
- Buy powerup with crystals
- 3 epic abilities
- Google Play Services
- Leaderbord
- Music & Sound effects
- Beautiful background
More special abilities & levels will come in future...

Cube GO Launcher Live Theme

Cube GO Launcher Live Theme  apk

Life is like a box of crayons. Just enjoy your colorful life and redefine your phone with this theme now!

❤Key Features:
- 4 color schemes available
- Display current weather and missed calls info on homescreen
- Quick access to main functions (Dial, Message, Camera, etc.)

How to apply this theme?
1. Install Cube Theme -> go to GO Launcher theme -> Installed -> choose your theme -> Apply

Little Newborn Baby Care

Little Newborn Baby Care  apk

Kids, when your Mom comes from the Hospital with a little baby; you will always be their hero. It’s your job to help with baby care as Mom needs all the help from her little Kids.

Taking care of a little baby can be quite a lot of work, and that’s what families are for, its all about loving and taking care of each other. So get ready kids, with Baby Care it’s your duty to make sure your younger brother or sister stays happy and has everything they need.

►►►►►Features ◄◄◄◄◄

► Select Baby: With 4 Babies to choose from there is sure to be one that wants you as their hero!
► Baby Care Cleanup: It’s time to change nappies! Clean little baby, change their nappy, sprinkle some powder and make your Mom proud!
► Kids to the rescue: There are times when Mom is not around and little baby might start crying, you have to be their hero and take care of them.
► Be the Doctor: When little baby cries, use Stethoscope, ECG, and Thermometer to find out what is wrong!
► Be the Nurse: Don’t forget to give them medicine so they stop crying and be happy again. That will be a great help for Mom!
► Baby Food Time: The most important part of baby care is feeding your baby, so don’t forget to mix baby food, give it to baby, and make them drink milk from their feeder.
►Baby Fashion Time: Finally, it’s time to play dress up! Make little baby dress up in different costumes to give them a cute look! Choose from Caps, Colored Nappies, Tops, Pants, and Shoes and give them an amazing look!


As a designer of kids’ games, we understand how important privacy is in this modern, digital world. You can read our privacy policy here: www.nuttyapps.com/privacypolicy.html.

This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money. On Google Wallet, you can configure parental controls to avoid unintentional purchases.

Contact us with any questions or comments: feedback@nuttyapps.com

Strife Companion App

Strife Companion App  apk

Craft recipes, earn resources, and purchase pets any time with the only app designed to take your Strife experience beyond the battlefield!

* Wheel of Strife: Never miss a day of free resources by spinning the Wheel of Strife anytime, anywhere!

* Crafting: Use your resources on the go to create the perfect item for your playstyle and be ready to conquer your foes as soon as you log into the game.

* Pets: Purchase new pets so you can jump straight into a match with your companion.

* Heroes: Check out hero stats and abilities to prepare your strategy for your next battle. Purchase new gearsets and dyes so you can defeat your rivals in style!

Outer Space Theme - iKeyboard

Outer Space Theme - iKeyboard  apk

This outer space theme is designed for iKeyboard - emoji,emoticons .

Unblock website- proxy browser

Unblock website- proxy browser  apk

Unblock website- proxy browser .

this app is a smart android application to help the android users to unblock the websites blocked by a specific networks and also to unblock the sites blocked in the country and to access to unlimited network , this app can change your IP address to one of our IPs in other countries to browse the web privately & anonymously .
you will be able to unblock all blocked websites .
Features :
1. Hides your actual IP address
2. unblocks blocked websites
3. Multiple proxy servers
4. multiple IP addresses
5. Switch countries with ease; dedicated servers in US, UK , Japan ,canada , india ...
6. Unblock websites or apps such as Facebook, YouTube, BBC, Netflix and Hulu at work, school, while traveling ...

NB:this Applications don't cause users to download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play

Tags and keywords: browser proxy, system proxy, global proxy, auto proxy, free proxy,
unblock blocked websites, hide my ip, android proxy settings, Free VPN, WiFi, Mask IP, IP address, Unblock sites, Access Internet, WLAN, Wireless LAN, Privacy, network, surf

Whatsapp for Tablets Free

Whatsapp for Tablets Free  apk

In "Whatsapp for Tablets Free" you will learn how to enjoy the most popular instant messaging application on your android tablet or PC.

Follow a few easy steps to install the Apk file and you will be ready.

Nothing can stop you to chat on "Whatsapp" with your friends and family.

Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Sony Zperia Z4, Google Nexus 10

Enjoy Whatsapp on any Tablet totally for free.

Sniper Shooting 3D

Sniper Shooting 3D  apk

Sniper Shooting 3D is brand new, realistic action shooting game. You take the role as the sniper based in a sniper's nest, taking out the enemies that are coming to attack you. To complete the level, you must use your sniper rifle to shoot all the enemy soldiers to advance on to the next level. If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your health is depleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldiers who will move into position to take you down. Harness you sniper skills and become the greatest sniper to defeat the enemy soldiers.

An addition to the game is the new game mode 'Zombie Shooter'. You take the role as the sniper in an arcade points style shooter were each shot to a zombie will build up your high score. Shoot as many zombies before the time ends to get a high score, see if you can beat your best with each try. Stop the zombie horde with your amazing sniper skills.



Sticky Notes is a premium theme but free to download. you may
1.Pay with IAP ( In app purchase )
2.Get it for free with Getjar Gold

❤How to use this theme:
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2. Choose pay with Google Checkout or Free with Getjar Gold.
3. If you choose Getjar Gold, there will be several apps listed, just download some apps to earn gold and then purchase with Getjar Gold
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5. Enjoy your theme and pay attention to our products

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Watch Face - Modern Classics

Watch Face - Modern Classics  apk

Modern Classics watch face is true eye-candy on your smartwatch.

This watch face is a stylish interpretation of a classic watchface combined with modern functions of Android Wear.

Key custom features:

-Ultimate readability
-Clean and simplistic look
-Battery indicator
-Date information
-Weekday display

This watch face is for rectangular smartwatches such as the Samsung Gear Live and round watches such as the Moto 360.

Visit our exclusive wearface collection for Android Wear on the Play Store http://goo.gl/QOsOu4. Also please let us know if you like to have any other watch faces to be added to our selection of watch faces.

Manufactured with style in Germany.

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