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Babsy - Baby Games: Kid Games

Babsy - Baby Games: Kid Games  apk

Meet Babsy the talking baby and have fun discovering all her funny activities. Take her by the hand and let her show you all the different toys she has in her bed room.
Have a ride on her amazing car and decide which way you want to go. Enjoy playing with the soccer ball and throwing the basketball in the bin.
Babsy has also a huge passion for music and she will certainly be happy to play some instruments with you. You will get the opportunity to play the xylophone a kid’s piano with animal sounds and a cool drum.
Our little baby does not remain indifferent to the charms of fashion either, for this reason she will need your precious advice to pick up the right pajama for her day.
In this game you will also be able to teach Babsy how to read the clock and to give her some funny math’s lessons.

Useful suggestion: In case you should not like Babsy’s room you will always be able to redesign it as you like it the most.

★★★ Features: ★★★
✔ High quality 3D video graphics
✔ Cool voice interaction
✔ Music Instruments
✔ Many toys to play with like, the airplane, the rocking horse, balls, etc.
✔ Educational games: Learn to read the clock and preschool mathematics
✔ Cute dress up section
✔ Dream house design: Change the curtains, furnishings, the wallpapers, etc.
✔ Talking part: Babsy repeats everything you say
✔ Many different animations.

Advise: The car and the little airplane have control buttons to move them around the obstacles. It might take a little practice to master it completely.

This is a free application, if you enjoy having it on your phone please rate it with five stars on the app store.

Spider Jump

Spider Jump  apk

The best android Spider jumping and fun games is here

In this Spider Jumping your goal is to rise as high as much as you can while avoiding the enemy of spider Beetle, Frederick Foswell, Big Wheel, Alistair Smythe etc. Using a simple tap you can jump from one wall to the other wall. You have lots of fun and bonus in this game like Take down three enemies of the same kind to trigger mega-jump bonuses. Don’t waste time play the game. More excitement is there.

* Realistic 3D animation
* Various types of bricks with great graphics
* Time limit is available
* Unlimited level
* Very friendly control
* Game with various difficulties
* Lots of challenges and fun with this game

Moreover this is one of the best games in android so far. Play it, share it and review it
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Dinosaur Era: African Arena

Dinosaur Era: African Arena  apk

You are walking in a incredible and huge african environment full of dangers, where your mission is to stay alive. In this exciting game only one winner, you or your enemies - ruthless bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

In this epic game the dinosaurs are not extinct. These dinosaurs are as real. Become a ultimate dinosaur hunter, catch your prey!

Be careful, because not only you are hunting, but also you are being hunted.

In order to survive in this dangerous and breathtaking terrain, inhabited by the dinosaurs, with each passing level you provided with a new potent weapon. 15 high powered weapons are available: m4 carbine, awp (a sniper rifle), ak47 (a Kalashnikov rifle), uzi (a submachine gun), mp5 (a sub machine gun), deagle (desert eagle pistol), m67 (grenade), m249 (a light machine gun), m60 (a machine gun), flamethrower, rpg (a rocket launcher, bazooka), spas12 (a shotgun), m87 (a shotgun), blaser r93 (a hunting rifle) and m79 (grenade launcher)! Having a choice of weapons arsenal, your chances of survival increase.

You are a hunter or prey in this exciting dinosaur hunter game? Play and you will find out.

Your mission is to destroy a certain amount of hunting on you prehistoric predators at every level. If you will manage to survive in a fight thanks to your battle skills, then for each completed level you will get more powerful gun in your arsenal.

Hunt and look at the dinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous simulation. This outstanding high-end shooting game gives you the wonderful opportunity to explore and dive into the impressive dinosaur adventure, has a great land, full of different dinosaur species. Many dinos are available. Carnivorous: Tyrannosaurus (T. Rex), Velociraptor (Raptor), Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus. Herbivorous: Triceratops, Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus!

You can run from dinosaurs or attack them. Do not stand still, move, at this time the damage done to you by a clash with the dinosaurs will gradually recover. If you need to take rest after active battles, make a pause using pause mode, where you will be completely invisible.

Discover the beautiful location of a wild nature of the age of extinction, hunt and gather your weapons, and try to pass all levels.

In this superior extreme survival game there are 15 levels with increasing difficulty. 15 weapons with increasing power to expand your arsenal. Big dinosaurs that will attack the enemy, which is located on their territory. And they will be quick, deadly and ruthless to you.

Realistic 3D graphics and amazing immersive gameplay are providing a visceral, dramatic experience and are helping you to travel into the astonishing dinosaur world of your dream right on the screen of your mobile device, including your phone and tablet!

During the game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics of the african savannah, gorgeous blue sky with volumetric clouds, and passing through the bushes you will hear the rustling of the branches and fully immerse into the atmosphere of african savannah full of dangers.

"Dinosaur Era: African Arena" is a high-quality entertainment game for everyday use, and a free mobile 3D action first person shooter (fps) and the simulator (sim) in high-definition (HD) quality of 2014.

Left side of the screen controls the movement, right side of the screen controls the rotation.
Note: For optimal performance, we recommend you have no apps running in the background.

Candy Sweet Tour

Candy Sweet Tour  apk

New innovative candy puzzle game comes! Enjoy the full candy adventure for free!
Slide to 3 or more same color candy to make them crush ! Starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging.
Start your sweet tour in this puzzle adventure!

Candy Sweet Tour features:
1 Sweet and shining candy, very delicious!
2 Multiple game goals
3 Over 100 interesting levels
4 Fabulous maps added
5 Even more challenging levels added
6 Create a high score in your friends circle

Keep hungry, enjoy this sweet and delicious Candy Sweet Tour!
If you like this game, please rate it and recommend it to your friends.Thanks for playing!

Speed Car 3D Fast Racing

Speed Car 3D Fast Racing  apk

The fastest cars on earth require the twitchiest drivers. Tune your car before and during each race to ensure maximum performance; defeat all your rivals on every track to become champion!Have fun driving your car through highway traffic and overtaking various road cars while you speed up to the limit! Earn more cash and buy more cars, and upgrade your cars to the top most! it is absolutely free!

1.Excellent 3D graphics
2.4 game modes
3.suburb, grass, snow and desert Scene
Endless racing and fun!Come on boys!

Spirit Run

Spirit Run  apk

Go through ancient rituals, transform your soul into an animal’s and help your brood defend the Aztec Temple from apocalypse!

★ Five characters to choose from (each morphs into a unique temple creature)
★ Transform into and run with Wolf, Fox, Bear, Panther, and Panda
★ Epic landscapes and dynamic action
★ Protect the Ancient Aztec Temple
★ Level-up your Spirit and run in search of Soul Energy Balance

From creators of undying Zombie Run game (over 15 million downloads on all platforms).

Island Raiders: War of Legends

Island Raiders: War of Legends  apk

Island Raiders: War of Legends

Raiders, charge!! A collection of islands filled with untold treasures and unique creatures await your conquest. Island raiders are here, and we are unstoppable! Play now, it’s free.

Introducing Island Raiders - a brand new, unique combat strategy MMO RPG. Island Wars is an dynamic combination of strategic simulation and real time combat. Recruit legendary heroes and guardians, clash with millions of online players in different modes of battles. Will you smash your enemies with brute strength? Cast magical enchantments? Or blast them to smithereens from afar? The choice is yours.

In Island Raiders - War of Legends:
• Free to play with completely optional in-app purchases
• Utilize clever strategy to crush opponents in PvE and PvP battles
• Explore mysterious islands and tombs and to discover untold treasures
• Transform your island clan village into an impenetrable fortress
• Control your hero’s every movement to show your battle techniques and win epic wars
• Form a vast army of different types of soldiers and lead them to ultimate victory
• Forge a strong alliance of powerful clans to conquer the world
• Strengthen and outfit your hero with special items, equipment and attributes
• Utilize each hero’s unique skills to devastate the enemy
• Raze enemy villages with different troop compositions and strategies
• Uncover an immersive game world with a variety of challenging stages
• Overcome opponents in multiplayer modes in the age of war and domination

There are more strategic and diplomatic decisions for you to call! Lead your heroes and  troops to uncover the truth of the 7 islands. An unforgettable adventure awaits you! Play this epic mmo rpg and slg now! declare your destiny.

Join our online community and let us hear from you:
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Contact us - support@tap4fun.com

Note: An Internet connection is required to play Island Raiders: War of Legends.

Army 4x4 Snow Driving 3D

Army 4x4 Snow Driving 3D  apk

Army 4x4 Snow Driving 3D is an open world 4x4 driving simulator, in which you can drive through the snowy open world doing awesome tricks, crashing into other cars and jumping off huge hills. Damaging your 4x4 in this open world only shows how rough your willing to get when driving a tough 4x4 whilst doing wild stunts. In this game, you have the freedom to drive anywhere in the open environment and do whatever you want with the jeep, so strap on your seat-belt, you're in for a wild ride!

Watch Finder for Android Wear

Watch Finder for Android Wear  apk

Do you have experience that is embarrassed by lost the SmartWatch and SmartPhone?
The have somewhere nearby but did you difficult to find it always?

Please use the ‘Watch Finder’ If you want to prepare for such a situation that anyone can experience.
Watch Finder helps to prevent lost by check the connection state of the watch and phone in real time.
Generate sound, vibration and etc automatically in lost device. So you can easily find it.
As well as, You can also check the last connection time and address of two device.

Main function
- If the two devices are disconnected, it informs the user
- Generate sound, vibration and etc automatically in lost device.
- Check the most recent connection time and address of two device.

kodeglam, smartwatch, android wear, finder


AutoData  apk

Screenshots explain everything.

This app is totally free and ad-free.

Supports English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish Languages

Note: You need to SDCard for working without problem.

Support thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-autodata-v2-00-15-09-2014-t2877010?__utma=248941774.1588398050.1411289616.1411289616.1411289616.1&__utmb=248941774.1.10.1411289616&__utmc=248941774&__utmx=-&__utmz=248941774.1411289616.1.1.utmcsr=google|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)&__utmv=-&__utmk=30040636

Corn Emoji Keyboard

Corn Emoji Keyboard  apk

NOTE: The free version include ads, but you can buy pro version In-app to remove ads! over 846 free emojis.

It is an free emoji keyboard app that input emoji in any apps. support more than other free apps.

- Gesture slide input.
- Input Emoji in anywhere.
- Support the suggestion of English input.
- You can buy pro version to remove ads.
- Over 846 IOS6 emojis support.

How to use me?

- Open this app.
- Click the "Enable emoji keyboard", then enable me in system input settings.
- Click the "Set default keyboard", select me as default keyboard.



Classy Home Escape




Una colección de imágenes de amor, imágenes te extraño, imágenes te amo y frases de amor para compartir con tu amor por whatsapp, mail y como te guste.

Estaremos actualizando la aplicación en forma periódica. Si tienes una imagen en particular que quieres ver publicado envíanos a digitalwuest@gmail.com

Las imágenes obtenidas de Internet al carecer de alguna forma de identificación que prohíba su uso o difusión lo consideramos de dominio público. Las personas físicas o jurídicas que que acrediten derecho sobre algunas de las imágenes publicadas, si así lo deseen pueden solicitar al correo establecido para contacto su retiro de la aplicación.

Shake The Sky Real Slots HD

Shake The Sky Real Slots HD  apk

The premier destination for authentic Asian-themed slots on Facebook is now available on mobile! Play 25+ FREE slots, including fan favorites Fortune Cat’s Summer Vacation, Dragon Showdown, and Hail King of Fortune!

NOTE: Shake the Sky Casino requires Android 4.1.2 and above

Experience the thrill of real slot gaming anywhere in the world with Shake the Sky Casino!

With a 4-star rating and nearly 1.5 million downloads on Facebook, Shake the Sky Casino now brings the casino floor to your mobile device. Players love Shake the Sky Casino because it provides a REAL slot experience – for FREE. Shake the Sky Casino only features authentic slot games with beautiful artwork and innovative gameplay from premier game creator High 5 Games. Play games BEFORE they debut in real casinos around the world! Play now. Play real. Play anywhere.

Slot players love Shake the Sky Casino because:
- It's FREE to play, every day!
- You can play 25+ different games, including smash hits Tall, Rich & Handsome, Night Jasmine, and Dragon’s Blessing, right off the bat!
- Exciting new games are constantly being added!
- With new features debuting often, STS is always on the forefront of innovative gaming.
- The graphics, music, features, and gameplay are identical to slots in real casinos! Players may experience extended game download times to accommodate our truly authentic gameplay.
- There are plenty of special promotions and opportunities to win coins, spins, and more!
- Players can log-in using their Facebook account, create a PlayReal account, or play as a guest.
- It's always available - anytime, anywhere.

Shake the Sky Casino provides an interactive social platform which is an exciting and entertaining web/application based gaming resource for engaging users in an interactive environment. However, due to the authentic nature of Shake the Sky Casino's games, all participants must be age 18 years or older to play. By downloading the app, you agree you are at least 18 years old and comply with all local laws pertaining to social gaming.

Dress Up Princess Sofia

Dress Up Princess Sofia  apk

Choose from thousands of combinations to create the perfect look in this FREE dress up and makeup fashion game! Apply realistic makeup by choosing from today's trendy color palettes. Save your model to your own modeling album. You won't believe how amazingly cool this game is!
Loads of clothing items including pants, shoes, shirts and tops, jewelry, earrings, glasses, backgrounds, wallpaper, and more!!!

Oprah's The Life You Want App

Oprah's The Life You Want App  apk

Oprah Winfrey creates and leads an all-new weekend experience, an unprecedented arena tour that will engage, encourage, and empower. Not only will you see the possibilities of a new life—the life you want—you’ll leave transformed and ready to take charge and make it happen.

Oprah Winfrey is joined by her team of Life Trailblazers to give you the insights and tools you need to create the life you want. The team includes Iyanla Vanzant, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepak Chopra, and Mark Nepo.

With your exclusive FREE Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend mobile app, you can easily stay connected, find likeminded people, express yourself and keep up with the latest news and developments from Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend. You’ll find everything you need to know about registering (and getting to) your weekend experience. You’ll receive fun features and wonderful surprises before, during and after the weekend, to make it an even more unforgettable experience . . . and to continue your journey with energy and momentum long after the weekend ends.

Brought to you by Olay & Toyota.

Hungry Froo

Hungry Froo  apk

Meet Hungry Froo! The cutest monster with a BIG appetite. A great physics puzzle game for all ages!

Use the simple touch controls to launch moon rocks into the trees to drop all the delicious fruit to the ground for Froo to eat.

Be sure to aim carefully. Froo doesn’t want any of the rotten fruit and there are many challenging obstacles to avoid and puzzles to solve.

Music Player , MP3 Downloader

Music Player , MP3 Downloader  apk

Online Music Player where you can manage playlist online and offline , Download all the latest music available online.

(Respect the Music creators and pay them to purchase the songs)

Main Features of this App

★ All the latest Music Available in this Music app
★ Manage Music playlist offline and as well as Offline with the help with this Music player and Mp3 Downloader application
★ Login with Facebook and keep your playlist alive always and synced in all the devices
★ Download Latest Songs and save in your device easily with a progress bar to check updates as well.
★ The complete music playing destination in your hand with a beautiful and easy to navigate design .

Share this app with your friends and help us by providing your valuable reviews , we will keep updating the app as per users feedbacks. each feedback is very important for us.

So listen to the latest Music and Play offline in your device as well. FREE MP3 DOWNLOADER

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