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Tsuchinoko  apk

Tsuchinoko, a legendary snake-like cryptid, which moving fast like wind and appeared rarely like a myth, has been regarded as a precious treasure from Japan!

$ Seduce and arrest Tsuchinoko in the “Cave”$
You can use different kinds of digging tool like ”Rober Gloves”, “Hand Trowel”, or “Garden Rake” along with different kinds of baits to seduce all unique Tsuchinokos~

$View and enjoy your arrested Tsuchinokos in the ”Land”$
Welcome to view and enjoy your arrested Tsuchinokos in this happiness cage, and you can get the bounty rewards by trading them!

$Get all equipment in the ”Store”$
Buy all equipment, like digging tools and baits here then use them to seduce and arrest Tsuchinokos in the Cave!

Please join us to become a bounty hunter! Let’s arrest all kinds of the “Wanted Tsuchinoko”!!!



Honeycomb 3D livewallpaper, designed for GO Launcher EX specially, is released now. Its major features include:

--With GO Launcher EX--
Blue light flowing in the honeycomb Dynamically
Style of the live wallpaper and GO Launcher EX match perfectly

How to use:
General:Long press homescreen—>Wallpaper—>Live wallpaper—>Honeycomb
With GO Launcher EX:Press Honeycomb icon—>Setting Wallpaper

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for our GO Launcher EX, please do not hesitate to tell us. Thank you very much!
E-mail: golauncher@goforandroid.com
Blog: golauncher.goforandroid.com

Unblock website- proxy browser

Unblock website- proxy browser  apk

Unblock website- proxy browser .

this app is a smart android application to help the android users to unblock the websites blocked by a specific networks and also to unblock the sites blocked in the country and to access to unlimited network , this app can change your IP address to one of our IPs in other countries to browse the web privately & anonymously .
you will be able to unblock all blocked websites .
Features :
1. Hides your actual IP address
2. unblocks blocked websites
3. Multiple proxy servers
4. multiple IP addresses
5. Switch countries with ease; dedicated servers in US, UK , Japan ,canada , india ...
6. Unblock websites or apps such as Facebook, YouTube, BBC, Netflix and Hulu at work, school, while traveling ...

NB:this Applications don't cause users to download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play

Tags and keywords: browser proxy, system proxy, global proxy, auto proxy, free proxy,
unblock blocked websites, hide my ip, android proxy settings, Free VPN, WiFi, Mask IP, IP address, Unblock sites, Access Internet, WLAN, Wireless LAN, Privacy, network, surf

RuneScape Companion

RuneScape Companion  apk

The Official RuneScape Companion app for Android is the only way for you to chat to fellow players, make trades on the Grand Exchange and keep up to date with your Distractions & Diversions while on-the go! You can also receive Push Notifications on completion of Grand Exchange transactions. Quick to install and easy to use it’s a great way for you stay connected to RuneScape while away from your computer.

Full Grand Exchange Support
- Push Notifications for Grand Exchange transactions
- Buy and sell items on the Grand Exchange
- Check your latest listings
- See the current Grand Exchange prices
- Review your bank inventory

Chat to Friends
-Talk to friends in RuneScape and the Companion
- Friends, Clan and Private Chat supported
- Update your Friends List
- Create chat channels

Distractions & Diversions
- Check the D&D Tracker
- See which D&Ds you can take part in

The RuneScape Companion is best supported by more powerful, modern devices such as:
- Nexus 4
- Nexus 5
- Nexus 7
- Samsung Galaxy S3
- Samsung Galaxy S4
- HTC 1X+
N.B. Performance may vary according to the age of the device and the number of applications open on it

To find out more about the RuneScape Companion please visit http://www.RuneScape.com/a=913/companion_app

The application will work over 3G or Wi-Fi although we recommend a Wi-Fi connection for the best experience. In order to use the App you must have an active RuneScape account so that you are able to login and access your character’s details. To access the Grand Exchange feature you will also need to be using the RuneScape Authenticator ( http://www.RuneScape.com/authenticator.ws ).

You can create a free account and play RuneScape at http://www.RuneScape.com

© Jagex Games Studio. All rights reserved. RuneScape is a registered trademark of Jagex Games Studio in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Little Ponies My PhotoBooth

Little Ponies My PhotoBooth  apk

Introducing Photo Stickers: My Little Pony - add effects like Rarity, Pinkie, Twilight, Sparkle, Fluttershy on your photos, and share them with your friends!

Photo Stickers: MLP Game gives you the ability to edit your photographs for fun or for your avatar on facebook! Add interesting stickers and effects to your images with a touch, and bring the magic to your pictures!

Photo Booth: My Little Pony Game gives you the ability to make your photographs cool and creative. Add Celestia , Rainbow, Spike, Scootaloo, Applejack on any image and show it to your friends, your mom or your sister.

You can also edit all stickers, so they will look like the real thing! The awesome colors and high resolution images from our Photo Effects Gallery are perfect for your pics!

This professionally developed and expertly created app takes your ordinary photos and makes them extraordinary! This app is extremely easy to use and very fun to create cool photos with it! Create awesome photos of your friends and family with this genius new My Little Pony stickers app that has fans around the world! To get started using Photo Effects: My Little Pony just download it now!

app Features:

• Fun app! Make a lot of fun for your friends and relatives editing their photos!
• Great graphics! More than 50 Sticker in our free Stickers Gallery!
• Awesome editing! You can zoom in or out all stickers or use eraser and restore effects on them!
• Sweet photo pranks!
• Professionally developed!
• Expertly created and designed!
• Trade and show photos with your friends!
• Easy to use application and editing software!
• It’s easy to download and hardly occupies any big space in your android!
• It can turn your photographs into a lovely piece of smile and enjoyment; you will love to share them with your friends!

This app is great fun for photo editing for any age and skill level. Have a great time spicing up your photos or playing cool pranks on your loved ones. This stickers app will offer you hours of entertaining fun! To get started putting tats on your friends and family, download Photo Effects: My Little Pony now!

Outer Space Theme - iKeyboard

Outer Space Theme - iKeyboard  apk

This outer space theme is designed for iKeyboard - emoji,emoticons .

OneNote for Android Wear

OneNote for Android Wear  apk

We are adding a new way for you to interact with OneNote on Android devices: your watch. Simply say "Take a note" and start dictating; we'll transcribe everything you say and save it into your Quick Notes.

It's that simple.

Requires OneNote for Android.

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Dress Up Princess Sofia

Dress Up Princess Sofia  apk

Choose from thousands of combinations to create the perfect look in this FREE dress up and makeup fashion game! Apply realistic makeup by choosing from today's trendy color palettes. Save your model to your own modeling album. You won't believe how amazingly cool this game is!
Loads of clothing items including pants, shoes, shirts and tops, jewelry, earrings, glasses, backgrounds, wallpaper, and more!!!

Simple Flashlight

Simple Flashlight  apk

this is a simple flashlight with LED light also.

Devices that have flash light will use the camera flashlight.
devices that don't have camera flashlight will use the screen white light

Don't stay in the dark :)
bring light to your app:)


Angularis  apk

You are looking for a real challenge? Angularis requires perfect concentration, timing and skill!

Connect the appearing lightbeams with the players edge of the same color to make the bond!
Can you connect enough beams to unlock Hexagon and Octagon mode?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"It might not look like much but Angularis‘s twitchy nature means you’ll find yourself returning to it a surprising amount of times" - 08/14 148apps.com

"The brain power required for this tap on the higher levels is probably comparable to trying to make your way home from a rave at 7am" - 08/14 idtapthat.reviews

"You’ll find yourself unable to put this game down as you compete against yourself to beat the high score. If you are looking for a quick game that exercises your concentration and reflexes, look no further" - 07/14 appadvice.com

"The ones who like to play high score games with neon look and a high degree of difficulty, should definitely take a look at this game" - 07/14 iplayapps.de

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* Outstanding colorful glow effects
* Challenging gameplay in harmony with sound and music
* Challenge your friends on Google Play Games

Wifi Booster Speed

Wifi Booster Speed  apk

Global #1 wifi network booster. Professional and multi-functional network tool in the market. This Pro network tool is not an only a real wifi booster. It is far more than that. It is a comprehensive and professional wifi manager and analyzer which provide multi useful functions for your daily network operation. And all the functions are free, no need to test other network tool, no hesitate to download it now. Your satisfaction is guarantied

Our network booster provide multi functions:
Provide comprehensive wifi network services including:
★Wifi Detector. This wifi master can scan and detect the wifi easily to the wireless networks or wifi tethering, plus support easy connect quick connect without entering wifi password.
★Wifi Monitor. This wifi increaser will monitor the strength of wifi signal and display the data on the signal chart time in real time.
★Wifi Analyzer. This wifi enhancer will provide enhanced and advanced wifi signal analyze.
★Wifi Signal Booster for Android. This tool can boost your wifi signal speed by in just one key.
★Wifi Manager. Provide wifi management for your option and convenience.
★Wifi Protector. Will monitor the heath of your wifi network and prevent your network from attack by hackers.

App feature
★Display wifi info and network signal info in a professional user interface.
★Only One key to increase wifi signal.
★Support smart phone and tablet.
★Support increase wifi signal in private wifi network, wifi hotspot and wifi tether.

9GAG Chat - Chat instantly

9GAG Chat - Chat instantly  apk

IMPORTANT: We're still testing the app - this is a very early version - more features are coming very soon! Please be patient and help report bugs/give suggestions to us! Love you all!

9GAG Chat - Chat instantly and meet new friends!

• The wait is over! Real-time 1-on-1 conversations with people on 9GAG. Talk to friends all over the world!
• Randomly explore new friends on 9GAG and click their avatars to start chatting.
• Seeing a great post or great comment and want to contact that person? Use 9GAG Chat to contact them.
• Text and full set of emojis supported
• Push notifications on -- so you will never miss a message!
• And more coming soon!

Dragon Flight Simulator 3D

Dragon Flight Simulator 3D  apk

Time to fly the fire breathing legendary creature from the medieval fantasy times! Dragon Flight Simulator is your perfectly awesome chance to feel the terror and menace of being a dragon warrior and fly high into the skies. Let all the myths and stories come alive with this exciting simulation game that will give you one-of-a-kind experience.

Playing as this humongous beast will be a treat for you as they are as deadly and wild as your imagination. With super cool flight missions, Dragon Flight Simulator 3D is going to take you on an epic ride with the control of this majestic creature in your hands. Feel the power and the gush of air as you flap your enormous wings and fly over the waters, land and into the skies. Experience the massive size from all the dragon slaying and warrior stories to all the folklore that surrounds the dragon myths. Complete exciting flight simulation missions for free.

Dragon Flight Simulator 3D features include:
• 3 types of 3D Monstrous Dragons for you to terrorize and fly with
• 20+ thrilling dragon flight missions to master your dragon flying skills
• 3D Amazing graphics of medieval times and dragon animations
• Fantastic flight simulation gameplay that is entirely free

You simply CANNOT miss on this entirely new saga of Dragon Flight Simulator 3D which is brought to you by Tapinator after Angry Shark Simulator and Crocodile Simulator.
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Leg Doctor

Leg Doctor  apk

The little cute girl has fallen while getting an apple for herself. Her leg is severely injured. She needs your help with her leg to make it better again. Help this little girl with a surgery and make her walk again.

With no to nurse assist you, as she is gone for her prom party. Its up to you to save the day and become a crazy surgeon for one day. Save her leg with different surgeries and operations.

Now choose from two patients and pick the one you like. Zoom into the fracture to see so many germs and monsters inside the fracture that need clean up. Play a lot of mini games and give treatments according to them.
Use different tools to conduct the surgery and sew the injury up so your patient can walk again. This game has it all, you'll be amazed by the detail it gives. Check the white dead blood cells of your princess and see how clumsy she has been. Kill all the white blood cells which are dead and make bones in your leg back to normal.

**Attractive Mini Games**

Try the all new tapping game, just like ant smashers and different tapping game. Fight monsters and crazy germs to clean the leg altogether. You have to become one crazy surgeon to be able to handle this kind of operations.
Play the role of a doctor in this epic operation where everything gets serious and you have to control the pace of the operation. Use different tools to kill and tap dead white blood cells.


- Two Characters!
- Different doctor tools and equipment to play with!
- Have a beautiful nurse helping you.
- The Hospital needs a crazy surgeon like you. Help them!!!

It's time you show the best surgery skills in you. Come on little prince and princess, this is your time to shine!!!
Wait for more from Witty Apps

Bat Dude

Bat Dude  apk

Watch out! “Is it a bat? It looks like a dude!” It’s Batdude! From now on, whenever you walk on the street you will watch out for this pseudo superhero. Batdude is here to save the city from evil, or at least he tries. Anyways, Batdude is a fearless mix between a bat and a dude… bah, who are we kidding? He is just a dude in a bat suit. Batdude is tons of fun though. Get ready to enjoy the ultimate ragdoll 2d experience while you fly across the city knocking up enemies (and sometimes innocent people).
Download Batdude now and enjoy his awesome batmoves!


- Great Batsthetics.
- Excellent sound quality.
- Amazing gameplay.
- Lots of fun.
- A Batdude! Do you need more?

Mine Robots War Craft

Mine Robots War Craft  apk

Mine Robots War Craft

help our friend Steve to build the best robots of all history!!!!

In Minecraft players can make buildings by three-dimensional cubes with textures can also explore the environment , gather resources and create objects with different utilities, fight monsters or other players , etc. . In its commercial release has two main game modes : Survival, in which players must acquire resources to maintain their health and hunger; and creative, where players have unlimited access to the resources of the game, the ability to fly and do not require to maintain their health and hunger. Regardless of these game modes can also set the difficulty of the game , the most peaceful quiet , unlike other difficulties appear not allow monsters in the game that can interact with the player mode. There is also a third game mode called hardcore , which is similar to survival mode , with the difference that this can only be played on the highest difficulty and the player has only one life , so when he dies ends match.
Please leave feedback with 5 stars :)
Our app Allows you to:
☆ get resized to fit your screen images .
☆ Entertained puzzle to assemble
☆ 8 incredible images to arm
☆ September any picture as wallpaper .
☆ Save any image on your phone!
Important : use this to get the device ID . We are not having access to any other phone information : such as phone number or record phone calls.
This is an application of fan / unofficial free parody . That is not any content owned by This developer belong to Their respective owners. We believe our images fall under the fair use doctrine Peak Gust are reduced size and excerpted for informational purposes. If you wish to request removal of an image from our collection for copyright Reasons, feel free to contact us and we will gladly do so .

Tractor Simulator HD

Tractor Simulator HD  apk

Tractor Simulator HD is a real physics engine game.

If you like Simulator Games, drifting, tractor, try it.
Explore the mini world and drift a lot.
You can turn off ABS, TC, ESP.
Damage the other vehicles on the streets.


* Easy controller
* Realistic acceleration
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic sound environment
* Realistic physics
* You can crush the tractor

Retrica selfie camera

Retrica selfie camera  apk

Retrica selfie camera editor application best camera in your grasp

Retrica selfie camera has many features to make your pictures much more interesting.

+ Simply touch to change the image resolution we
+ Retrica selfie can change the color of your photos into retro, lomo, black and white with ease
+ A variety of photo frame options we provide here
+ Cute stickers to decorate your pictures to be interesting
+ Retrica camera selfie able to provide a balanced color effects in your photos
+ Effects Crop, contrast adjustment, brightness, resolution images rotate and straighten your photos with just one touch only
+ With a focus feature contained in the application Retrica selfie this camera you can make an area of ??the photo you want to make you brighter.
+ There is also an image editor gan posts in this camera selfie Retrica
+ Give to those you love in facebook, twitter, instagram, email etc.. Send a surprise for your partner

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