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Zombie Crash Testing ①

Zombie Crash Testing ①  apk

This is a free killer zombie crash testing simulator. It's a collection
of various zombies vs crashes, stunts, zombies vs jumps and bone breaking stunt car

These crazy virus infected zombie guys have to face a world war of obstacles,
free falls and jumps in a realistic rag doll physics environment.

These poor ninja looking zombies run into things like the zombie camera and the
zombie smasher brick wall.

The mutant zombies are true 3D animated ragdoll testing objects and there are
very good visuals. They look like bouncing ragdolls.

The goal of the game is to find the hidden green frog in one of the
simulations and click on it!

Good luck!

Police Traffic Pursuit

Police Traffic Pursuit  apk

This is an open world police traffic racing game. Become a police car driver: turn on the police siren, race through traffic, overtake traffic cars and catch the bad guys by crashing into their racing car.

- Realistic driving experience
- Police siren
- Endless traffic city
- Steering: steering wheel, touch control or tilt
- Realistic 3D police car
- View from cockpit of the police car
- Realistic sound environment
- Beautiful high quality FULL HD graphics

Please give us some support by following us on:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/onotion
Youtube - http://goo.gl/QHYxgz

Adobe EchoSign

Adobe EchoSign  apk

Adobe EchoSign lets you e-sign documents, send documents to others for signature, track your documents, and get e-signatures instantly with in-person signing. EchoSign is your mobile companion for Android, and is optimized for tablet devices with 7" and 10" screens.

Conduct business transactions on the go. Adobe EchoSign helps you eliminate tedious paperwork, close business faster, and streamline business processes. Adobe EchoSign is the electronic signature solution you can trust, from the global leader in secure digital documents for more than 25 years. With over 37 million users worldwide, EchoSign is used by businesses of all sizes - including Fortune 1000 companies, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions – to accelerate critical business processes in Sales, HR, Legal, and Operations.

• Open and sign documents instantly.
• Sign directly on the screen with your finger or stylus.
• Sign or click to approve a document sent by others.
• Delegate signing to another person or reject a signing request.

• Send documents for signature from your EchoSign document library or your device.
• Work with documents from Google Drive, Box, Evernote, or Acrobat.com cloud storage.
• Use your Android to get signatures in person when meeting a client.
• Choose a language for the signer’s experience.

• Track progress and manage agreements with real-time status updates.
• View agreements stored in your EchoSign account.
• All parties get a certified copy of the signed document automatically by email.

• EchoSign is compliant with the US Federal ESIGN Act, UETA and the Electronic Commerce Directive in the EU.
• Signed documents are encrypted and saved as Certified PDFs. Recipients can validate document authenticity.
• Each transaction includes a complete audit trail detailing events and actions.
• The Adobe EchoSign platform uses enterprise-grade security and is SSAE16 compliant.
• EchoSign provides protection for both the sender and the signer during the signing process including key authentication and privacy, explicit consent, fraud protection, and consumer disclosure.

Tank Driving Simulator 3D

Tank Driving Simulator 3D  apk

Tank Driving Simulator 3D is an open world Tank Driving Simulator, where you can drive through the desert environment's open world doing awesome tricks, crashing into other army vehicles and jumping off huge hills. With the super strong tank in this open world only shows how rough you can get when driving a tough army tank whilst doing extreme stunts. In this game, you have the freedom to drive anywhere in the open environment and do whatever you want with the military grade tank, so strap on your seat-belt, you're in for a wild ride!

Ask Me Anything - reddit AMA

Ask Me Anything - reddit AMA  apk

Discover "Ask Me Anything" interviews with everyone from movie stars to astronauts to artists in the official AMA app from reddit.

• Keep up to date with all the latest AMA interviews

• Ask a question when someone is marked as ACTIVE

• Get notified when popular AMAs are trending

• See every answered question in an easy-to-read format perfect for mobile

• Vote questions and answers up and down to help prioritize the best content

• Explore diverse topics like Entertainment, Science and Politics

Feedback: https://www.reddit.com/r/redditmobile
Support: support@reddit.zendesk.com

Pictopia: Disney Edition

Pictopia: Disney Edition  apk

Discover playful trivia spanning decades of Disney magic, from the animated classics and blockbuster movies to television hits and dazzling theme park destinations. Image-based questions celebrate touchstone characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Jack Sparrow, Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen from Cars, and Elsa from Frozen. Challenge your Disney knowledge alone through solo play, or have a trivia party with your friends—there’s something for everyone!


-Match the Fans—Test your wits with bonus trivia where you try and guess the most popular answer according to the fans!

-Build Your Profile—Choose your very own avatar with a catalog of Disney characters. Play as Belle or even Kermit the Frog!

-Play With the Board Game—Add even more questions to your Pictopia board game with a “Play with the Board Game” mode. Also includes a nail-biting Final Challenge round to take board game play to the next level!

Brave Striker - Fun RPG Game

Brave Striker - Fun RPG Game  apk

A new and exciting action JRPG has just arrived!
Summon hundreds of characters with special abilities!
Explore the fantasy world with your strongest army!


"Abyss", a pit that legend says to be a gateway of the dark world,
was sealed by the Gods, Arcanians and humans in ancient time.

However, the seal was broken by the dreadful demon "Maou", who emerged from the abyss.
Maou empowered the evil forces and started wars for total domination.
Warriors stood up to defend their land, but sadly, they were no match to the invaders.

Live perished.

The world sunk into chaos.

When everyone had lost their hope and faith, a ray of light shined from the sky.
A hero, a saviour emerged from it. He led the warriors to fight back, and finally darkness was drove out from the land.

Ever since, whenever darkness befall, a new hero will descend from the sky to save the world.

And now, you are the chosen one...


★ Simple Control
Drag and release on the screen to launch attacks on enemies!
Hit and trigger support skills to form varieties of skill combo!

★ Powerful Finishing Skill
Each warriors possessed powerful "Active Skills",
unleash them at the right moment to change the complexion of the battle!!

★ Assemble Your Team
Summon new warriors to help you in battle!

★ Train Your Warriors
Power up your warriors using fusion!
Collect legendary minerals such as Philosopher's Stones to evolve your warriors!

Fast Racing Car Simulator

Fast Racing Car Simulator  apk

Fast Racing Car Simulator is a physics engine drift auto game.

If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing try it.

Smooth controls, realistic auto physics.

Test your real drift skills.


* Easy controller
* Realistic driving experience and feelings
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic sound environment
* Realistic physics
* Tablet support and FULL HD support
* FULL HD graphics with high quality

Bubble Shooter Seasons

Bubble Shooter Seasons  apk

Bubble Shooter Seasons is an addictive classic bubble shoot game!
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up.

How to play:
1. Tap where you want the bubble to go.
2. Grouping 3 or more bubbles will make them burst.

- Puzzle Mode, use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
- Survival Mode, clear all the descending bubbles.
- Having 300 different and challenging levels.
- Great Bubble Shooter Artwork.

LuvVille Local Girls Fuckbook

LuvVille Local Girls Fuckbook  apk

Finding a date can now happen any place and any time. Just try the LuvVille dating app; it stands out thanks to its great interface, amazing features, and tons of local singles browsing for love, romance, soulmates, or just friends.

What makes the LuvVille app one of the best?
- Flirty winks and messaging with other hot singles.
- Quick chat and chat rooms for fun along the way.
- Lots of other chat tools not available anywhere else.
- No cost profile creation.
- Quick and handy search for local matches.
- Thousands of personals of attractive singles.

Has someone from this fetching crowd of singles caught your eye? With our plenty of communication tools you will draw the attention of your sought after match without even saying a word! Want to talk to someone? Save time and join one of our chat rooms aimed at all tastes and interests. Would you like to send a love letter? You are going to convert all your dating ideas into reality the moment you start the most romantic mobile matchmaking app on your Android device!

Thousands of flirty singles are coming to LuvVille through our Android app, and the hits keeps on increasing on our dating website. All these people are looking for a fun time, some love, and maybe long-lasting relationships in the future. It's really easy to locate friends and a unique person to talk to, flirt with, and date.

Whether you’re looking for close by flirts or the match of your life locally, our dating page is the right place to make it happen. Make brand new friends, set up first dates, and spend a amazing time with local cute singles. Start now and meet people just like you! Download our dating app and give it a try.

Sending and receiving messages, uploading profiles, viewing profiles, winking, and web chatting - do any of these things to get linked with the closest matches if you’re on the move.

Like other dating sites, you need to make a profile, upload a portrait, and add information about your interests. You’ll be surprised by the number of people in your area who have similar hobbies and likes. So, don’t wait around, start using the multiple search options and find as many hot singles from your area as you can.

Guide for Minecraft 2015

Guide for Minecraft 2015  apk

Video Guide for Minecraft video, it includes : Mr Strampy Cat, YouAlwaysWin Zombies, etc.


Treehouse  apk

Treehouse is the best way to learn technology. Learn to build websites, create Android and iPhone apps, build web apps with Ruby on Rails and PHP, or start a business.

With the Treehouse app you can learn on the go and get job ready with little or no experience. Learn to build that app idea or land your dream job. We’ll walk you step-by-step through building projects and honing your skills with videos, quizzes, and code challenges that let you code in languages like Objective-C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and SQL right on your tablet or phone.


Learn from over 1000 videos created by our expert teachers on web design, coding, business, and much more. Our library is continually refreshed with the latest on web technology so you'll never fall behind.


Practice what you've learned through quizzes and interactive Code Challenges. This style of practicing will allow you to retain information you've learned so you can apply it to your own future projects.


You'll earn badges as you journey through our extensive library of topics. These badges are an indicator of what skills you currently possess and are viewable by anyone (even recruiters from big companies!).



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Fly A Helicopter

Fly A Helicopter  apk

Welcome to Fly a Helicopter game!

This is a simple helicopter flying game! You have 1 helicopter to fly around in a huge terrain environment.

The helicopter handles flight simulation very well, and is based on real helicopter controls and dynamics. Your goal is to fly around and practice landing and taking off in the helicopter!

"Fly A Helicopter" to see what it would be like to fly a helicopter in real life.

To fly helicopter use the on screen joysticks. Left controls lift and tilt angle. The right joystick controls movement, forward/back, left/right.

Fly A Helicopter game will be updated shortly with missions!



Fly through the sky as ninja turtles while avoiding any obstacles he may find on the way. Connect with google play to share your high scores on the leaderboard.

Tractor Simulator 3D: Silage

Tractor Simulator 3D: Silage  apk

Welcome to the Tractor Simulator 3D Silage Wagon edition!
In this game you’ll learn how to work with a silage wagon, an important tool for a farmer. When you complete all levels in Tractor Simulator 3D you are an skilled farmer. In this game you have to park your tractor and silage wagon in tiny spots, it’s very challenging to do it as fast as possible. You can unlock different prestations. Tractor Simulator 3D Silage Wagon edition is the second game in the Tractor Simulator 3D series.

Tractor Simulator 3D Silage Wagon edition features:
- Very nice realistic farmer environment
- In-cab view with rotation feature
- 15 challenging levels
- Realistic silage wagon and tractor
- Realistic physics, very detailed

This game in the Tractor Simulator 3D series is a kind of driving simulator special for farmers, or people who like farming. When you play this game you feel the pressure of a real farmer, tiny parking spots where they have to maneuver the silage wagon. This is the second game in the Tractor Simulator 3D series, with more to come. Do you want being posted? Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GerritJanJ

Real truck parking 3d trailer

Real truck parking 3d trailer  apk

Are you fond of playing parking games? Then get ready to take on the challenge. This is an ultimate heavy duty truck driving simulator. Wacky Studios brings you another 18 wheeler truck parking game. Real truck parking 3d trailer is definitely a trucker test. These Hauling trucks are not easy to ride on! These are not trucks for toddlers! Be one of the mad truckers who drive more than 10 hours straight. Monster trucks simulator is going to give you a tough time. Unlike those parking games without time, in this free transport game clock is ticking. Use truckers tools like accuracy and precision. This is yet another parking mania games that don’t need internet access or wifi. Get free download trucks simulator where truck transporters hauling and testing their skills.

Game Features:
• Choose your favorite amongst the best 18 wheeler trucks
• 3d camera view, maneuver and park these heavy duty trucks
• Challenging and outstanding real 3d environment
• Clock is ticking so hurry up! Park and drive trailers
• Great dynamic game play
• Excellent sound effects
• We always surprise you with Amazing 3d graphics

Use trucker tools to pass this driving test of trailer hauling and parking and be a real trucker. If you think what it takes to drive 18 wheeler then you have to download this lori simulator. Full adventured parking tracks in construction area and with the sounds and images.

This thrilling simulation app is for all of your family and friends to play and enjoy this lovely addicting and exciting game.

All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in this application are the property of their respective owners. They have been used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without any negative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to us so we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.

Soccer Physics

Soccer Physics  apk

Soccer physics is a physics based soccer game!
Jump, Kick and score if you can!

soccer physics, Soccer, Football, Shoot, Sport, Ball, Goal, Kick, Penalty, Freekick

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