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Fly through the sky as ninja turtles while avoiding any obstacles he may find on the way. Connect with google play to share your high scores on the leaderboard.

Chromecast Wallpapers

Chromecast Wallpapers  apk

A collection of 680 stock wallpapers from Google Chromecast.

Chromecast Wallpaper is NOT affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Google inc, rather it is just a collection of wallpapers found on the device.

iLock - Anti-theft Lockscreen

iLock - Anti-theft Lockscreen  apk

Lock and Protect your phone! iLock is a revolutionary all-in-one suite for a locker app. Equipped with a remotely controlled alarm, phone locator^ and a usb alarm^, there's no need to fear about your phone being stolen anymore! Best thing of all, iLock has NO ADS!

^ denotes iLock Pro features only

* A front facing camera (optional but recommended)
* A phone with a decent processor speed (or it'll appear a little 'laggy' to slower phones)

* You'll notice now there's an invincible notification in the notification bar, it is put there to prevent android from killing your lockscreen

* SMS commands to enable the alarm / gps locator^
* Snaps pictures of anyone who enters in the wrong pin
* Sleek interface and easy to use
* Usb alarm^ prevents your phone from being stolen while you charge

^ - Pro features only

How to use SMS commands
If your phone gets stolen, or you just cant find where you've placed your phone, borrow another phone to sms these commands to your number (only works when your phone is on)
* CODEWORD (Activates the alarm feature. Phone will play the alarm repeatedly)
* Stop CODEWORD (Stops the alarm)
* Gps CODEWORD (You will receive a reply within 40 seconds with the exact location of your phone)

Most important thing of all, please rate ILock if you love it, it's good to share some love

Note: This app does not store, access or share any of your personal data. Locations are sent as replies only when activated with the codeword.This app does NOT come with a pin-recovery option, so please do not forget your pin!

Epic BMX

Epic BMX  apk

Play as the Legend of Epic BMX!

Experience realistic and stunning 3D graphic at Epic BMX!

Use your finger to experience Epic BMX!

You may challenge the players of Epic BMX all around the world!

This is a FREE game, please invite all your friends to play Epic BMX. Share your game experiences with them! Challenge them to beat you at Epic BMX games!

• Intuitive Controls: Simple and built specifically for mobile devices.
• HD Graphic: Perfectly optimized for mobile devices.
• Multiple Stages: Play through multiple stages in Epic BMX and establish your new experiences!
• It includes block game, memory game and puzzle game etc.

Monkey Adventure

Monkey Adventure  apk

MONKEY ADVENTURE!!! This fun and amazing runner game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for. Get into the jungle in this side scrolling adventure that will rock you through levels of challenging running and jumping.

To play you simple touch the screen to jump and touch quickly twice to double jump. You can jump over your enemies to kill them and your goal is to guide the monkey through to the end of the jungle.

Download MONKEY ADVENTURE now! It is a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!

• Fun Game
• Addictive Game, Use with Moderation!
• Lots of Challenging Levels
• Great Graphics
• Classic Runner Game Style.

Transparent Screen Prank

Transparent Screen Prank  apk

Transparent Screen Prank new application for great new experience with your Android Phone and tablet!

This app makes your phone or tablet look fully transparent!

Just pretend you can see thru your phone and all main icons remain on screen almost handed in the air!

Application uses your phone default camera to display live instantly moving images right on screen.

This app provide you with great opportunity to see on screen of your phone or tablet everything surrounding you without showing you really looking around!

Watch your friends, parents or anyone pretending you working on your phone or tablet!

Have fun with this app and leave it good rates if like it!

Please be aware that this app is just a simulator.
Your phone does not become really transparent.
This is app functionality to make your phone to look transparent.

Excavator Simulator - Lite

Excavator Simulator - Lite  apk

You can use Excavator on your device, costumize your excavator logo and colors. You can move objects or break stones with your excavator.
Here is the full version:
also look my God of War style game
MartyrX: https://play.google.comdetail.php?id=com.idriscelik.martyrgamex

Cursed Fates: Horseman

Cursed Fates: Horseman  apk

In the northern part of the state, near the upper reaches of the Hudson River, there is a town named Sleepy Hollow. As is often the case, small towns keep big mysteries hidden. A chain of bloody events commenced one ordinary night. A secret marriage and a new will have inflicted a dreadful curse upon this town. A terrible legend has become reality - the legend of a terrifying creature returned from hell. Can you put a stop to the Headless Horseman in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure?

Try this immersive, high-quality game for FREE! Then continue the adventure with a ONE TIME unlock!
NO VIRTUAL ITEMS, NO INTERRUPTIONS… you’ll OWN this game for life.

• Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles!
• Find clues scattered throughout the game in order to stop the headless horseman before it is too late!
• Get the Collector’s Edition and explore over 50 scenes as you journey through this amazing tale, play the bonus chapter, and check out the beautiful wallpapers.


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Animal Hunter 3D

Animal Hunter 3D  apk

Animal Hunter is here. If you're looking for a sniper game where you need to hunt for all kinds of animals, from wolves and deer to bears. Each level gives you a set of animals to shoot. Take your rifle. Set your scope and hunt! Can you get your shots before the time runs out? 12 action packed 3D levels will really keep you going and test your sniper skills.

This hunting simulation game is filled with stunning 3D creatures and scenes to immerse you into your surroundings.
Deer and wolves take one shot to put down. But when you get to the bears. It's going to take 2. Be careful. If you miss the noise will make them go running. Which in turn, makes it harder for you to aim and shoot.


- Amazing 3D graphics build just for your Android device.
- 12 huge levels. Each with a new challenge.
- Real sniper physics.

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Everlasting Young Beauty

Everlasting Young Beauty  apk

Baby was recently crowned Queen of Arendelle. But being the queen is a lot of pressure, and Baby's skin is beginning to break out with acne as a result. That's why this young queen has decided to treat herself to a day of pampering at the local spa. Now it's up to you to give frozen Queen Baby the royal treatment, so follow the instructions to apply various beauty treatments like an icy blue raspberry cleanser and cool cucumber mask. Once she's feeling fresh and clean, browse the wide selection of pretty dresses, chic high heels, antique accessories, and more to prepare Queen Baby for another day of rule in this fun Frozen game!

Bubble Shooter Seasons

Bubble Shooter Seasons  apk

Bubble Shooter Seasons is an addictive classic bubble shoot game!
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up.

How to play:
1. Tap where you want the bubble to go.
2. Grouping 3 or more bubbles will make them burst.

- Puzzle Mode, use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
- Survival Mode, clear all the descending bubbles.
- Having 300 different and challenging levels.
- Great Bubble Shooter Artwork.

Stress Baal

Stress Baal  apk

Stress Baal

Fact: You are stressed out.  

Scientific studies have probably shown that the best way to alleviate stress is to take it out on someone else. And while insulting loved ones and destroying friendships is technically free, we're offering a nearly free (NOW ALSO FREE) alternative.

Stress Baal is a minor devil. You get to beat him up with your finger, and yes, he totally deserves it. Baal is hand animated like your favorite cartoon sponge or rabbit. Thousands upon thousands of drawings form the game. Not just a CG doll, the ever-scheming Baal has a personality. Granted, it's a loathsome one, but a personality nonetheless. Leave him idle and the little savage will probably save you the trouble and rough himself up... Often with fire.

More reasons to play Baal:
- Like human endeavor, Stress Baal is pointless. No score, no achievements, no goals. Goals are what got you so stressed in the first place.
- This pledge: We will never try to charge for additional content. No in app purchases ever.
- We didn't do a Kickstarter.
- In a Google Play first, this game description contains no pandering exclamation points.

This game is recommended for newer Android devices.

Im Psychic -Test

Im Psychic -Test  apk

Welcome to our test – the most interesting psychic-abilities-test. If you feel psychic abilities or want to develop it, our test will help you.
You will get:
1)The most detailed and interesting test. Finishing it, you can understand if you have some unusual abilities. Yu will get your results and our wishes for you.
2)You will see colorful game-test where you check your ability in divining hidden objects.
3)You will get a game-test where you will have to find a man hidden in a boot.
Have fun and advance yourself!

Pretty Dog – Dog game

Pretty Dog – Dog game  apk

In this game you have to take care of your dog. In the first level he's only a little puppy, so you have to feed him and play with him. But as he is little, you can't teach him that much. In the second level your dog is a grown up dog, you can teach him all kind of things. He likes to learn a lot. He can be your super dog. In the third level your dog is a little bit older, but you still can play with him and take care of him. If you train your dog well, you can earn a lot of beautiful pictures of your dog on the wall.

Hair Salon Game

Hair Salon Game  apk

Free Games hairdresser, divertite nonstop playing to be a hairdresser, performs the funniest haircuts, short hair to your customers, you must first wash your hair, then dry,cut, make color change, use shampoo, creams, you can take different styles, with curlers, ironing, straight, you can also share your work with your friends, there are several games
hairstyles, super addictive, cut, dye, dry, easy and free.

MusicCloud Downloader

MusicCloud Downloader  apk

Music Cloud Downloader is the easiest and most reliable copyleft mp3 music downloader for Android! Search, convert and download copyleft music from SoundCloud onto your mobile phone or tablet. Songs are converted to mp3 files and can be easily played with any music player.

1. All music is 100% FREE!
2. Unlimited MP3 downloads
3. Database of over a million songs
4. Fast and reliable converter and downloader
5. 100% virus FREE!

Kids Shapes & Colors Preschool

Kids Shapes & Colors Preschool  apk

Kids Shapes and Colors will not bombard your child with purchase requests. There is only ONE in-app purchase.

The app contains six activities. Three are free. The remaining three are available for purchase with a SINGLE in-app purchase.

Now that this house-keeping info is out of the way, let's talk about the app itself!

Learning can be fun - especially when your teachers are toys! Meet Teddy, Doll and Horse and learn about colors and shapes. Your children will match shapes, do puzzles and color drawings. Teddy will reward them with a star each time they do well. Let's play and learn!

Kids Shapes and Colors features six activities that gradually get more challenging so that the child could learn shapes and colors step by step.

Match Shapes
Match geometric shapes with Teddy’s drawings to learn colors and names of different shapes.

Catch Shapes
Catch the flying geometric shapes and match them with their drawings.

Select the correct crayon and color the picture.

Toy Puzzles
Drag toy parts onto the shape of the toy and put the toys back together.

Match Colors
Sort out pencils and crayons by putting them in correct places – drawers or pencil cases of the same color and learn the the color and name of the object.

Toy Shelf
Put the missing parts onto the correct toys by matching shapes and colors.

Bingo - Free Live Bingo

Bingo - Free Live Bingo  apk

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Free Live Bingo – New, Free and Exciting ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Play our free and new Bingo game realtime and live against other players and friends all over the world on Google Play using your Android phone or tablet. Whether it's on our laidback beach theme or on the adventurous high seas with pirates, challenge your friends in Bingo - Free Live Bingo and win win win!

★ Free to download and bonuses keep you playing forever for free
★ Visually stunning artwork and high fidelity audio
★ Many different Bingo themes, layouts and play styles to suit all players
★ Daily rewards keeps you playing Bingo for free
★ Play Bingo against other players live from all over the world
★ Want a boost? Get a little help from 6 different play boosters to get you to BINGO even faster
★ Each Bingo theme has over 10 different collectibles – try to be the first of your friends to collect them all
★ Play up to 8 Bingo cards simultaneously for 8x the excitement
★ Players in the top 3 of every Bingo round qualify for huge additional winnings
★ Facebook connect to share coins and gifts with your friends

Please contact us info@smashatom.com with any questions.

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