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Electric Screen Wallpaper

Electric Screen Wallpaper  apk

Surprise your friends with electric shock while they touching your smartphone screen.
Touch the screen to generate random lightning bolts.

Features :
- Visually stunning lightning effects;
- Changeable lightning screen color;;
- Realistic sound effects;

Instructions :
- Install and open the application;
- Touch the screen to generate lightning bolts;
- Hit back and choose change color.
- To close the app, hit back and choose Exit now.

Now download and enjoy this excellent app!

Everlasting Young Beauty

Everlasting Young Beauty  apk

Baby was recently crowned Queen of Arendelle. But being the queen is a lot of pressure, and Baby's skin is beginning to break out with acne as a result. That's why this young queen has decided to treat herself to a day of pampering at the local spa. Now it's up to you to give frozen Queen Baby the royal treatment, so follow the instructions to apply various beauty treatments like an icy blue raspberry cleanser and cool cucumber mask. Once she's feeling fresh and clean, browse the wide selection of pretty dresses, chic high heels, antique accessories, and more to prepare Queen Baby for another day of rule in this fun Frozen game!

Hungry Shark Hunter - 3D Game

Hungry Shark Hunter - 3D Game  apk

Hunt or be Hunted! It’s time to enter the seaworld to attack the massive and vicious hungry shark for the survival of mankind. Kill the dangerous and angry sea beast with your sniper shooting gun to escape from the violence of crazy shark in this adventurous Hungry Shark Hunter 3d Game.

Its summer holidays and you, with your three friends Tom, Hazel and Mike decided to enjoy a day out for underwater swimming in pleasing weather. But suddenly a blood thirsty hunter shark approaches you with the scary jaws. You are the one to write your own fate and save all your friends from this hungry giant shark. Don’t afraid! Be a daring and powerful shark hunter to face one of the huge horrible ocean predators with your 3d loaded pistol.its a seabattle and now you are monster hunter,hungry monsters will kill you with jaws attack you have to be a smart shooter. Destroy the outrageous angry shark for self-defense before it kills you.
Caution! Sharks are the hungry and vulnerable sea creatures. They focus on their prey and hunt them cleverly in blink of an eye. So save yourself and entire humanity from an unexpected shark attack from the deep sea.Team navy is far from you get rid from fly monsters in sea,face the angry fly survival or perish forever. Show your shooting and killing skills to kill this wild hunter sea monster. Hungry Shark Hunter 3d Game is the thrilling shark simulator game which brings the real 3d shark evolution one of the best sea dragon hunter smart game among all smartgames you ever played of the giant sharks.

How to Play:
Swipe your finger to set target, tap to zoom in and hit the shoot button to kill the terrible sea animal (Shark) accurately. Be quick to finish off this hungry shark before it kills you and create scars and wounds on your whole body.

Game Features:
• 5 Thrilling Action Packed Levels
• Awesome sea hunt
• Kill angry sharks
• Dead down fly hunter
• Virtual 3d Simulator
• Fast Paced Action Game
• Wide Range 3d Shooter Gun
• Best Sniper Shooting Experience
• Challenging and Addictive App
• Amazing Graphic
• Excellent Sound Effects
Download this free time-killer Hungry Shark Hunter 3d Game to enjoy the realistic 3d shooting adventurous experience which helps you to practice your precise and accurate sniper shooting techniques.

Parents and kids are our best reviewers. If you have a moment, feel free to rate and review our app. We'd also love to get your feedback to our email: support@hammerheadgame.com

ABOUT Hammerhead Games
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Search “Hammerhead Games” on Google Play and discover more incredible apps for young kids. Hammerhead Games smart games provide an exciting, interactive, and rich educational experience. Filled with innovative and engaging activities, each application inspires creativity and imagination in a way that is uniquely enjoyable and stimulating. Let the games begin!

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Honeycomb 3D livewallpaper, designed for GO Launcher EX specially, is released now. Its major features include:

--With GO Launcher EX--
Blue light flowing in the honeycomb Dynamically
Style of the live wallpaper and GO Launcher EX match perfectly

How to use:
General:Long press homescreen—>Wallpaper—>Live wallpaper—>Honeycomb
With GO Launcher EX:Press Honeycomb icon—>Setting Wallpaper

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for our GO Launcher EX, please do not hesitate to tell us. Thank you very much!
E-mail: golauncher@goforandroid.com
Blog: golauncher.goforandroid.com

The Farming Timer for ArcheAge

The Farming Timer for ArcheAge  apk

Give your stopwatches a rest. The Farm Timer for ArcheAge lets you quickly and easily set timers on all types of saplings, seeds and livestock in the game. The app will set the basic time for your chosen product, and then lets you adjust for climate, water and custom factors.

The app also lets you calculate your taxes in labor points, credits and loyalties. It also helps you plan future projects with the "What can i grow in..." function.

The Farm Timer is developped in collaboration with ArcheAgeDaily.com. Watch the site for news, guides and updates about the app.

The app is in early development, so please contact us by e-mail with any bug reports, suggestions or other feedback.

3.0: - Added a experimental feature to change a project from "Growing" to "Harvesting" - if its a product you can harvest multiple times. You plant a apple sapling. then simply change it to "Harvesting" and hit "Save/Reset". It will adjust its own timer and now be named "Apple Harvest".
- Changed "Save" button under saved projects to "Save/Reset" to reflect that this actually sets the project anew (number pickers will by default be at the last saved time when you open the project).

Patch 2.5: - This version is adding an experimental feature to track the expiration times of properties you are interested in. Choose "Property" in the "Type of Product" drop down menu. Set the expiration date and time you get in-game and place a one-time-marker or add the timer to one of your saved locations "(My Dream Farm").
- On loading projects you can now choose "All Projects", "Farm Timers" and "Properties" - in addition to your locations. You can also "Add another week" and hit "Save" easily.
- Changes to the notifications menu that should give more ways to customize how your alerted about expiring projects.

Patch 2.2: - Adjusted growth time of Saplings, Seeds and Livestock after walking_the_way's(Reddit) fanatastic research.
- Made it so you can adjust for feeding Livestock the same way you adjust for watered plants, also thanks to walking_the_way.
- Made the map marker smaller.
- Fixed a bug where prefered climate would not be saved then re-saving/resetting project.
- Minor UI tweaks and some more visible stuff where the difference between a one-time-marker and saved location should be clearer.

Patch 2.0: A pretty major update with new functions, new options and (hopefully) better performance.
- Added “Maps” where you can save your major farm locations and later assign projects to them. You can also quickly place a one-time-marker when saving a project. Players who don’t care for maps or locations will not have to use a single extra click to save their projects.
- Added climates to items, so they now display what is preferred when saving. Items with “any” will automatically adjust the time for this.
- Added options to filter items by climate, type and the time it takes to grow them.
- Added option to text-search the entire database.
- Added option to filter your saved projects by your saved locations. You can now see exactly how the items on your large farm are doing, or exactly what trees where at the illegal farm you found.
- Added Seed Bundles, courtesy of ArcheAgeDaily.Com’s ongoing research.

To come soon:
- More accurate times on items, courtesy of walking_the_way’s research.
- Adding properties, so you can set when land you want is looking to free up.

Patch 1.4: We are testing a new layout, with tabs taking you from new projects, to saved ones, to the Tax Calculator. Please let us know what you thing about the changes. The "what can i grow in..." and the Tax Calculator are still experimental. The minimum version of Android is raised back to 4.0.3 because of too many problems with the local db on older phones. .

Virtual DJ Mixer

Virtual DJ Mixer  apk

Virtual DJ Mixer is a latterly formulated automaton app through by our experienced app developers solely for your robot screens. This wonderful Dj Virtual Mix app holds a nuemous collections of many material Dj Virtual Mix forthcoming online and offline which gets a lots of dj penalization to your robot symbolisation at an simplicity.

Makeup Transformation

Makeup Transformation  apk

The Original and #1 Makeup Transformation
Now trending worldwide - Makeup Transformation - Transform yourself to someone you know.

Take a Selfie and transform yourself to someone you know like Celebrities, Genius Characters, Cartoons, Funny Faces or something that best describe you.

Integrated with Look-A-Like feature using Face Recognition functionality

The popular Makeup Transformation is now supporting more devices! We released a new version that will revolutionize your Makeup Transformation.

The first GRAB-A-PHOTO-ANYWHERE feature innovation where you can browse any website (Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc..) and capture your favorite photo by a single click.

- Integrated with Look-A-Like feature (Face recognition)
- Added Photo Editor (Stickers, Paint Brush, Photo Effects)
- A perfect Collage Maker with 4 new Grid Views

1. Larger pane container for your Photo.
2. 10 New Grid Views to choose for your transformation design.
3. Capturing photos from the Web using Google Search. You can now browse your favourite celebrities or your look-a-like in an instant and attach it in your Photo grid in a single tap.
4. Pinch zoom and positioning your photo is now supported.
5. Intelligent photo resizing without sacrificing the quality of your photo.
6. Added more “Share” feature. You can now Share your Makeup Transformation to any of your favourite social media sites.
7. Popup Menus new look and feel.

How to use.. please visit this link http://yourelink.com/makeuptransformation/

Thank you for using YourELink Makeup Transformation.

If you find any bugs please do not hesitate to email us at support@yourelink.com

Superhero Rescue- Be a Dentist

Superhero Rescue- Be a Dentist  apk

Gross! Movie Stars have forgotten to brush their teeth and need to see the Dentist. You be the Dentist! Help them get that perfect Smile!

Help take care of all your favorite Super Heros' smiles!

- Ironman!
- Spiderman!
- Batman!
- The ever famous Jack Sparrow!

Fun Dentist Games inside the App:
- Disgusting Cavities! Yank them all!
- Crusty Tarter Build Up! Scrape away the gunk!
- Yellow teeth! Brush them 'til they shine!
- Put Some Bling on those Teeth! Make 'em Sparkle!

Get Started TODAY!

NOTICE: This app contains in-app purchases. If you do not wish to purchase additional items, you may simply turn off the in-app purchase option in your settings.

Armies of Dragons

Armies of Dragons  apk

Defend your kingdom from rampaging hordes in this new kind of strategy and fortress defense game! Summon the power of the four elements, and elementally charge your armies before sending them to defend three lanes! Train, upgrade, and manage the growth of your warriors to forge a formidable army! Unlock powerful champions to fight for you—and eventually, call forth mighty creatures like treants, golems, and even good dragons to help you win!

- A unique strategy game that borrows time-management mechanics
- Hire a rag-tag troupe of adventurers to defend your kingdom
- Earn crystals from battles to unlock treasures and powerful heroes!
- Acquire useful items, artifacts, and trinkets to help you win!
- Upgrade your fortress, and unlock different types, such as treants, golems, and dragons!
- Survive 12 brutal stages, each having 8 levels.
- Connect through Facebook and team up with friends by sharing energy and mercenaries.

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

Internet booster FREE

Internet booster FREE  apk

Internet booster FREE
Do you want to increase internet speed? Do you want to get faster internet? Do you want to download faster and get better pings?

Internet booster is an app which can improve and increase your internet connection speed. These tools usually needs root. It gives you faster internet and more stable connection.

This app is not a real internet booster. It's simulation of increasing internet speed. You can use it to make a joke. Tell your friends that you are a real hacker and you can improve connection speed. Then show them this app. They will be amazed!

Internet booster FREE can also be used as placebo app. If you will feel better when you will see better statistics about internet speed - this app is for you!

This internet booster is very simple to use:
1. Click "BOOST" button
2. That's all! You can show your friends how you improved internet speed! Of course it's only a joke!

Please remember that this app is only a prank! It will not give you faster internet. It will not increase your internet speed! It is not a real internet booster!

Download internet booster for free today!

Death Shooter-City Sniper

Death Shooter-City Sniper  apk

Take on the role of the sharp shooter and take out all enemies from afar. Choose between three different scenes and train your assassination skills. Try to shoot precisely to kill your opponents before they defeat you. Enjoy!
Warriors will face the threats from all sides. Super gunfight game is coming back! It has a fascinating background story, from the base of terrorist to the slums and at last the arsenal.

1.Weapon: pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and so on. Each kind of weapons is different in Accuracy, Fire Rate, Fire, and Life.
2.Control: Tap the screen to shoot.simple gameplay and easy to start; enjoy the pleasure of killing.
3.Enemy: variety of enemies of increasing difficulties; beat the most difficult enemy and be the King!

Fire Truck Driving 3D

Fire Truck Driving 3D  apk

Fire Truck Driving 3D is a fire truck driving simulation game, drive your fire truck around the city, exploring various terrains, crash your fire truck into other cars and vehicles, perform stunts by driving over ramps, scale buildings and do whatever you want with complete freedom!

Hungry Froo

Hungry Froo  apk

Meet Hungry Froo! The cutest monster with a BIG appetite. A great physics puzzle game for all ages!

Use the simple touch controls to launch moon rocks into the trees to drop all the delicious fruit to the ground for Froo to eat.

Be sure to aim carefully. Froo doesn’t want any of the rotten fruit and there are many challenging obstacles to avoid and puzzles to solve.

mp3 juices music

mp3 juices music  apk

This MP3juices app is not in any way associated with mp3juices.com
The songs are the property of the respective copyright owners
this app is just a sytematic way of browsing songs hosted on third party website

How to use this app ? >>>


Tags : Mp3 juices , Mp3juices , Songs,latest music

Hidden Scenes - Oregon Trails

Hidden Scenes - Oregon Trails  apk

Explore the beautiful trails of Oregon! From the Pacific Ocean to Mount Hood and everything in between! Welcome to Oregon Trails!

Hidden Scenes is a game similar to a jigsaw puzzle where you swap and flip the pieces to reveal the hidden scene. When all pieces are flipped / swapped into their correct location, you win!

Unlock the full version to remove the Ads!

Four different modes of play:
QUICK PLAY - unlimited random puzzles!
CASUAL MODE - no time limits, sit back, relax and enjoy!
PUZZLER MODE - 20 puzzling levels with many tricks to enjoy but no time limits
CHALLENGE MODE - 20 levels of crazy puzzle fun:
- timed mode - complete the puzzle within the specified time
- move counting mode - every time you swap or flip a piece you lose a move, complete the puzzle in as few moves as possible

Summer Craft: Exploration

Summer Craft: Exploration  apk

Your desires will become real in this game.
Features of the game are only limited by your imagination.

3 game modes are available for your choice:

- Survival
- Defence
- Creative

Survival - How long can you hold versus a crowd of vicious monsters.

Defence - A farmer can not find their animals, help him to save all the animals and protect them from the forest bloodthirsty monsters.

Creative - create your own world, build houses, castles, shops, farms. Putting the animal in the farm and make them work for you.


- Variety of flora and fauna
- Day/Night Cycle
- Beautiful scenery
- Easy management and crafting
- Autojump
- Special items from Herobrine: pickaxe and sword
- Combat System

Yoo Ninja Rush

Yoo Ninja Rush  apk

Yoo Ninja Rush is a fast and supper addictive game. It lead you enter a fantastic world without the control by the gravity.

1.Just tap the screen to jump or press "up" to jump.
2.Collect coins as many as you can.
3.Run to the end of map to pass the level.


Sweet Baby Girl - Clean Up

Sweet Baby Girl - Clean Up  apk

It’s Sweet Baby Girl clean up time! Rush into 4 messy rooms with your favorite girls – Alice and Emma. Wash dishes, do laundry, iron clothes, mop the floor and do other cool house chores to make the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Laundry Room look nice and pretty again!

4 rooms to clean up
8 Bathroom mini games
5 Bathroom cleaning tools
6 Bedroom mini games
3 Bedroom cleaning tools
19 Kitchen mini games
3 Kitchen cleaning tools
8 dirty dishes to wash
8 Laundry Room mini games
6 pieces of dirty clothing to wash and iron

Game features:

Little Emma will give you a sponge and bathroom cleaner. Scrub the tub and sink, then wash the dirt away. Clean the toilet, mop the floor, and you’re done!

Clean the mess in Alice’s room before her Mom comes home! Put the things to their places, wash the window, wipe the table and vacuum the floor. Sweet little Alice will thank you!

Sort out a pile of dirty laundry into whites and colors. Throw colored clothes into washer and press the start button. Hang the washings to dry and carefully iron them afterwards!

Take the dirty dishes and put them in the sink. Wash every plate, mug, cooking pot, glass, fork, knife and spoon with dishwashing liquid and sponge. Finish up by cleaning the sink, table and kitchen stove. Alice will be really proud of you!

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