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Jeep Offroad Driving 3D

Jeep Offroad Driving 3D  apk

Jeep Offroad Driving 3D is an open world jeep driving simulator, in which you can drive through the open world doing awesome tricks and jumping off huge hills. Damaging your jeep in this open world only shows how rough your willing to get when driving a cool jeep whilst doing daring stunts. In this game, you have the freedom to drive anywhere in the open environment and do whatever you want with the jeep, so strap on your seat-belt, you're in for a wild ride!

4x4 SUV Simulator

4x4 SUV Simulator  apk

4x4 SUV Simulator is a physics engine drift auto game.

If you like Simulator Games, drifting, crushing try it.

Smooth controls, realistic auto physics.

Test your real drift skills.


* Easy controller
* Realistic driving experience and feelings
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic sound environment
* Realistic physics
* Tablet support and FULL HD support
* FULL HD graphics with high quality

Street Fighter

Street Fighter  apk

One of the most beloved games of the 90s returns with the voices of its protagonists.
Rediscover the voices of the most popular fighting games created by Capcom. And you which side are you?

Escape From Rio: The Adventure

Escape From Rio: The Adventure  apk

The best fun flying casual game featured by Google based on a best selling, popular success story of escaping got a new story now:

Escape From Rio - The Amazonian Adventure is here in a glorified 3D!

Do you remember the adventures of the blue birds escaping from Rio? It was casual, movie-like experience, one of the best ever flying games, a very popular success loved and played by millions around the world. Now it's time to give a new adventure, a new official follow-up to followers of the adventures of the blue birds over the jungle - here comes the next, movie-like experience, the next best chapter from the adventures of the blue birds.

This one follows the popular story of escaping. But the jungle, the surroundings and a lot of other things officially changed. This game is not just a simple follow-up, but like a big movie based on a previous movie, an adventure, that bests the first one, it's another exciting amazonian mission in the jungle flying with a blue bird. And all is in very nice 3D for all casual and hardcore players too!

For popular demand we incorporated some new elements, it's for the best of all of the players around. And again we can only dream, that one day something makes a movie about the 3D adventures of our blue birds and you'll get some official merchandise of Escape from Rio in your preferred and popular fast food restaurant.

Some birds are angry, others are not so - our birds just want to follow the famous escape from Rio to the jungle playing with the best of the best: YOU! And please don't be angry if you don't succeed at first - it needs more, than 2 tries to escape to the jungle.

Play it casually or not, enjoy the beautiful 3D world of the game, even being fan of other games, like Angry Birds or Flappy Birds we officially invite you to enjoy or 2nd take on our best and popular movie-like experience escaping a Blue Bird from Rio.

This is the 2nd escape but beware - always there is a space and time for another game, for another official follow-up. But first escape with this one - at least 2 times!

- Casual, innovative action for everyone with easy control system
- Beautiful, detailed, cute 3D cartoonish graphics!
- Diverse challenges - trees, other birds, traps...
- Numerous interesting environments - Jungle, Ruins...
- A flying game with alternate control methods
- Google Play Leaderboards, Achievements included
- 5 different areas where your bird can level up
- Different skins and upgrades!
- Collectible coins, bonuses and different types of power-ups!
- Story Levels (15 in total), fun levels and almost endless ultimate challenge

Word Duel

Word Duel  apk

Guess the word before your friend does!

This multiplayer game will connect you with a random other player or allows you to invite your friend. While you guess letters that occur in the mystery word, you will keep your turn. Once you guess a wrong letter, the turn goes to your opponent. It's like Hangman, but so much more fun!

- Available in English, German, French, Dutch and Italian. Chooses language based on your phone setting.
- Fun themed backgrounds: ancient egypt, outer space, under the ocean and more.
- With Google Play Leaderboards & Achievements. Can you guess a word-in-one?

Will you become the best word guesser among your friends?

Word Search 2014

Word Search 2014  apk

Word Search 2014 it´s a super fun game.
The word search game is super dynamic with a infinity dictionary words.Each game will create different words to search
You will be able to compare your time and beat your high scores with online users who are playing Word Search 2014.


*Difficulty Levels:

Many languages:
- English
- Italian
- French
- Portuguese
- Catalan
- Spanish

*Many themes to choose:
-World cities
-Famous People
-Countries of the world
-English For children

*Online Records
-Try make the word search game as quickly as possible and share your online record

Krabby Patty collecting

Krabby Patty collecting  apk

Help Spongebob and Patrick to collect as many hamburgers as possible!Help Spongebob and Patrick to collect as many hamburgers as possible!

Stress Baal

Stress Baal  apk

Stress Baal

Fact: You are stressed out.  

Scientific studies have probably shown that the best way to alleviate stress is to take it out on someone else. And while insulting loved ones and destroying friendships is technically free, we're offering a nearly free (NOW ALSO FREE) alternative.

Stress Baal is a minor devil. You get to beat him up with your finger, and yes, he totally deserves it. Baal is hand animated like your favorite cartoon sponge or rabbit. Thousands upon thousands of drawings form the game. Not just a CG doll, the ever-scheming Baal has a personality. Granted, it's a loathsome one, but a personality nonetheless. Leave him idle and the little savage will probably save you the trouble and rough himself up... Often with fire.

More reasons to play Baal:
- Like human endeavor, Stress Baal is pointless. No score, no achievements, no goals. Goals are what got you so stressed in the first place.
- This pledge: We will never try to charge for additional content. No in app purchases ever.
- We didn't do a Kickstarter.
- In a Google Play first, this game description contains no pandering exclamation points.

This game is recommended for newer Android devices.

MusicCloud Downloader

MusicCloud Downloader  apk

Music Cloud Downloader is the easiest and most reliable copyleft mp3 music downloader for Android! Search, convert and download copyleft music from SoundCloud onto your mobile phone or tablet. Songs are converted to mp3 files and can be easily played with any music player.

1. All music is 100% FREE!
2. Unlimited MP3 downloads
3. Database of over a million songs
4. Fast and reliable converter and downloader
5. 100% virus FREE!

Noyze Volume Panel

Noyze Volume Panel  apk

The customizable volume panel replacement for Android (Jelly Bean 4.3+)


noyze is a free app that gives you complete control over your device's volume buttons. It is the only volume panel that does not require root access, a custom ROM, the Xposed framework, or an unlocked boot loader! Just activate noyze in Settings > Accessibility and enjoy! It comes preloaded with tons of settings, including master volume (sync all volumes), long press actions (next/ previous track or launch a shortcut), themes, and much more.
If you've got a device with broken or jammed volume buttons, noyze allows you to disable them. Once again you can listen to music and get notifications.

A note regarding Accessibility: this is necessary to override the volume buttons. Noyze uses this feature for that purpose only, and does not collect, share, or store ANY information, period.


· Status Bar (minimal theme that covers the status bar)
· Heads Up (notification style volume notifications with music controls)
· Windows Phone 8 (music controls, full-size album art, and easy access to change the ringer mode)
· Paranoid Android (sleek extended volume controls: adjust multiple volume seamlessly)
· Blackberry (Blackberry theme with contextual media controls)
· Apple iOS (trick your friends into think you've got an iPhone)
· Volume Bar (like the MIUI battery bar, a strip of color at the top of the status bar)
· Extended Controls (like CyanogenMod Extended Controls with Oppo theme)
· MIUI V5 (centered, circle theme from MIUI V5)
· Invisible (it's like it's not even there)


“No root required. This is awesome!” - Unlifer of Reddit
“I just installed it today and it is already in my 'must have' apps list.” - hiddenstreet of Reddit
“This is so freaking awesome.” - pizzatybg of Reddit
“This is the app I've been waiting for… Videos will not be covered up by the volume panel ever again.” - Connor Hartzog
“Hands down the most convenient app I've downloaded in awhile.” - Davin Laurell
“How has this not been done before?” - Axel Samuelsson


- Change audio settings: control volume/ ringer mode
- Draw over apps: emulate the volume panel
- Google Play billing: offer in-app purchases for themes
- Retrieve running apps: monitor system & app events to mimic volume panel behavior
- Full network access: collect anonymous usage statistics to help improve the app (can be disabled in advanced settings, see our privacy policy)
- Phone status and identity: monitor when a phone call is active.
- Disable lock screen: launch activities (e.g. sound settings) from lock screen


Unfortunately, Android has several limitations that affect noyze:

- Apps can't interact with the power button, so noyze may interfere with taking screenshots (see Advanced settings for a workaround).
- Apps cannot override the behavior of hardware buttons when the screen is off, so features like long press actions only work while the screen is on.
- Apps can't set the volume above the "safe limit," so the max volume might be lower with headphones.

For additional information, visit http://noyzeapp.com
Join our Google+ Community at https://plus.google.com/communities/112130153614078864555
Supported languages: English, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil)
Icon by Justin Perricone http://www.perriconedesign.com/


noyze is developed with love by Tom Barrasso (http://barrasso.me). Your feedback is very important. If you appreciate noyze, please leave a comment on the Play Store, share it with friends, and, if possible, please consider going pro.

If you are experiencing issues, please contact me and I'll do my best to fix the them.

Thank you, now let's make some noyze!

Lone Commando Survivor Shooter

Lone Commando Survivor Shooter  apk

Lets face this challenge, Enemy is invading, You are the Lone Survivor Commando. Don't worry about emo, concentrate on the coming enemy, shoot them to get your positions back. If you love shooting games, then this 3rd person shooting game is the ultimate fun. move left, right, forward, backward. position your aim, find the enemy hiding in bunkers and shoot them.It is the test of your long training, your shooting skills, your stamina and temperament. This games provided your dream shooting environment of city where enemy has advantage of army bunkers, setup in the main street of the city.

★★★ STORY 1★★★
Enemy has occupied the main city road, setup the army bunkers. You are the lone survivor of your commando team, facing the waves of enemies, one wave after another. Can you survive and push them back? moment of life or death has arrived. you have limited options but too many enemies. It's test of your skills, challenge you must face. This Counter Strike type game will let you play strategically, shoot the enemy soldiers as they invading your territory, defend and claim back your territory.

★★★ STORY 2★★★
It's time of Preemptive strike. Enemy has setup a base in jungle, and are preparing to attack your, attack them , shoot them before they can reach your, before they can shoot you. Your are alone, but you are not afraid. be then single man army, and clear this jungle base. Jungle shooting is fun.

★★★ Best Gaming Features ★★★
- Never ending waves of enemy soldiers
- Face them as lone commando
- Shoot them as time runs out
- Clear one level to play next
- Assault rifle on auto reload mode
- kill and score as many as you can
- 3D City environment

★★★ How to Play ★★★
- Use joystick to move around
- Swipe to adjust aim
- Kill and Shoot with Shoot Button
- Use Zoom/Camera Button to get closer look

★★★ Support ★★★
RationalVerx Gaming Studios
Web: www.rationalverx.com
twitter @rationalverx

Funny Camera Photo Editor 4

Funny Camera Photo Editor 4  apk

Get fun effects in your photos with Funny Camera 4.
It is a fun app for Photoshop and Instagram lovers . You can edit your pictures , add funny effects and share them via Facebook , Twitter or Whatsapp.

Bubble Shooter Seasons

Bubble Shooter Seasons  apk

Bubble Shooter Seasons is an addictive classic bubble shoot game!
Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up.

How to play:
1. Tap where you want the bubble to go.
2. Grouping 3 or more bubbles will make them burst.

- Puzzle Mode, use the limited bubbles to clear all the bubbles on the screen.
- Survival Mode, clear all the descending bubbles.
- Having 300 different and challenging levels.
- Great Bubble Shooter Artwork.

Up Hill Racing

Up Hill Racing  apk

Up Hill Racing is a very addictive physics-based car racing game.
Control your car to climb hills with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhill environments. Gain bonuses from tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances.

- Various cars to choose from
- more maps and different scenes in countryside
- Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation
- Collect more coins as you can

Start the Up Hill Racing game now!Go!Go!Go!

Indians Hidden Objects

Indians Hidden Objects  apk

This is a free game in it, you will plunge into a fascinating journey through the mysterious places.
You have to look for hidden objects on the mystical level.
This game is suitable for all ages and it is easy to take your free time, for example, on the road or waiting in line to buy.
The assistant will teach you the basics of the game, although everything is very simple: look for items that get prizes, open new levels and new mysteries.

Drag the image with the finger to explore the location.
You have to find five objects hidden in the picture, and then you get a prize.
Next to each level has a number of icons to the right of prizes for the opening of this level.
Prizes are available for the passage of certain locations in the game.
For each level will be given to one of the fifteen different prizes.
If you are missing any prizes just unravel once again the level of which is given the desired item.
If the item is very difficult to find, use the hint button.
After using the hint button need some time to restore it, so use it wisely.
To increase the image, use the zoom button - "zoom x2" or gesture increase.

9GAG Chat - Chat instantly

9GAG Chat - Chat instantly  apk

IMPORTANT: We're still testing the app - this is a very early version - more features are coming very soon! Please be patient and help report bugs/give suggestions to us! Love you all!

9GAG Chat - Chat instantly and meet new friends!

• The wait is over! Real-time 1-on-1 conversations with people on 9GAG. Talk to friends all over the world!
• Randomly explore new friends on 9GAG and click their avatars to start chatting.
• Seeing a great post or great comment and want to contact that person? Use 9GAG Chat to contact them.
• Text and full set of emojis supported
• Push notifications on -- so you will never miss a message!
• And more coming soon!

Mixlr - Social Live Audio

Mixlr - Social Live Audio  apk

Create your own live audio content, or explore a growing world of musicians, bands, DJ's, radio stations, sports teams, journalists, comedians and podcasters who use Mixlr to share live audio.



Broadcast live:

• Broadcast high-quality live audio with your built in mic
• Use your own headset or plug in an external device
• Share your live broadcasts directly to Facebook and Twitter and more
• Record your live broadcasts locally and save them to your showreel
• Share, export and playback your broadcasts later


• Listen to all your favourite live audio on the go
• Browse broadcasts, categories and search easily for any Mixlr artist or user
• Follow your favourite content creators and receive a push notification when they go live
• Login and register with email and Facebook or listen without signing up
• Heart the moments you like and spread some love as you listen live


Please note that this app is currently in beta. For more information: http://mixlr.com/help/android-beta


Keep updated on the latest news and product developments by connecting with us on the following channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mixlr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mixlr
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mixlr


A full range of support articles can be found at our support centre:

If you’ve got any comments or feedback, we want to hear about it. You can get in touch with us here: http://mixlr.com/help/contact

Leg Doctor

Leg Doctor  apk

The little cute girl has fallen while getting an apple for herself. Her leg is severely injured. She needs your help with her leg to make it better again. Help this little girl with a surgery and make her walk again.

With no to nurse assist you, as she is gone for her prom party. Its up to you to save the day and become a crazy surgeon for one day. Save her leg with different surgeries and operations.

Now choose from two patients and pick the one you like. Zoom into the fracture to see so many germs and monsters inside the fracture that need clean up. Play a lot of mini games and give treatments according to them.
Use different tools to conduct the surgery and sew the injury up so your patient can walk again. This game has it all, you'll be amazed by the detail it gives. Check the white dead blood cells of your princess and see how clumsy she has been. Kill all the white blood cells which are dead and make bones in your leg back to normal.

**Attractive Mini Games**

Try the all new tapping game, just like ant smashers and different tapping game. Fight monsters and crazy germs to clean the leg altogether. You have to become one crazy surgeon to be able to handle this kind of operations.
Play the role of a doctor in this epic operation where everything gets serious and you have to control the pace of the operation. Use different tools to kill and tap dead white blood cells.


- Two Characters!
- Different doctor tools and equipment to play with!
- Have a beautiful nurse helping you.
- The Hospital needs a crazy surgeon like you. Help them!!!

It's time you show the best surgery skills in you. Come on little prince and princess, this is your time to shine!!!
Wait for more from Witty Apps

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