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Fonts for FlipFont 50 Pencil

Fonts for FlipFont 50 Pencil  apk

This Font Pack contains 50 free pencil fonts for Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 devices designed to be compatible with Monotype Imaging Inc.'s FlipFont® program and will install new free fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC that are compatible with the FlipFont® program on your phone. NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology.

Please enjoy this pack of Fonts for Android flip fonts to provide you with the ability to change your device’s typeface for free. Using the FlipFont font changer program installed on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 phone, you can use this application to customize your device to one of the many beautiful fonts for Samsung Galaxy that we have collected. This font pack is a random selection of 50 typefaces that have been optimized for use on Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense 6.0 Android devices. Please browse through our FlipFont packs to find the perfect font styles that fits your taste.

To change fonts on your Samsung Galaxy or HTC Sense 6.0 device, navigate to the display settings in your device's system settings. In the display settings you can change the font style to any of these 50 new fonts for Android. This font pack should work on all Galaxy and Sense 6.0 brand phones and will provide fonts for Samsung Galaxy S3, fonts for Samsung Galaxy S4, fonts for Galaxy Note 3, and HTC One. This app will not work on developer devices, such as the Galaxy Nexus or AOSP Galaxy S4 Google Edition, because it does not have the FlipFont program. Please verify that your phone can change its font. Look for the font style option in the display or screen display section of your device settings. This app is not designed as fonts for android with root and does not require root permission to change your font, nor will it require you to restart your phone.* Also, you will be able to enjoy your fonts for texting and messaging, however the typeface used on your device will not be sent to people that you send a text message to.

* Phone restart will not be required for devices running Android 3.0 or later. Devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Ace will still require a restart to apply the new font.

This android application is not affiliated with FlipFont or Monotype Imaging Inc. All functionality, trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners.

spongebob paint free

spongebob paint free  apk

Wonderful Painting Spongebob Application!!!
Easy Coloring Apps For Your Kids with Spongebob Cartoon For Painting.
1. Choose Picture for Coloring.
2. Select Color.
3. Color on image.
You can post your picture on facebook, send o your e-mail or save to image gallery.

Dinosaur Simulator

Dinosaur Simulator  apk

Humans are coming with dangerous weapons! it is time to wake up and roar strong!..
You should eat all you can catch!
Hunt Dear, Pig or soldiers..
Destroy their tanks but don't die. beware of the hidden soldiers, traps and tanks.
Do not forget you are the Last Dinosaur!

Airport Fire Truck Simulator

Airport Fire Truck Simulator  apk

Be a rescue squad with this fun free full of adventure airport truck rescue combat simulator game. Emergency!! Airplane is not able to do landing. Oh gosh!! trailer flight squad is crashed pilot doesn’t make it to reach runway, rush to the crash sight in time and save passengers lives. Work as a fire truck driver drive to the accident spot and secure the area from any threat.

Control your nerves and be calm in emergency trailer warship situation for successfully completing the missions. Airport fire truck simulator is an amazing rescue game spot with very realistic graphics and really simple trailer gameplay. In this fun free game you are an airport engine rescue mobile driver and you need to respond to the civilians emergency calls and always be ready for the harsh conditions.

This simulation game spot is consists of multiple acceleration challenging levels where civilians need to pass through different checkpoints including fuel station and mechanic\repair shop. In case of plane acceleration crash spot you need to rush through the city to reach crash sight, park the monster truck near the plane and then perform your duty as a fireman and extinguish the blaze. This game is not a cargo, trailer or container transporter game.

Drive crazy skid in this full of action and thrill game to achieve mission objectives and then ultimately you will be promoted to further extreme levels. Test your extreme acceleration trucker driving skills now with this wonderful heavy-duty elite lorry steering operator game. Be a part of fire brigade team and provide your rescue plane services. Get ready for next level of adventure, action, thriller and addiction.

Hope you will enjoy this tremendous fun contributor 3d elite simulation game.


1. Multiple firefighter vehicles to select from.
2. 20 levels of extreme challenges.
3. Multiple modes to play in, including Free drive skid mode and career mode.
4. Two-camera views to enhance gaming experience.
5. Wonderful graphic and lifelike skid gameplay.
6. HD sound quality.

Ironman: Journey of Earth

Ironman: Journey of Earth  apk

Ironman: Journey of earth is a fun and fast arcade game where you need to dodge objects to get as far as possible.
# Drag finger over the screen for easy control.
# Features
- HD
- Buy powerup with crystals
- 3 epic abilities
- Google Play Services
- Leaderbord
- Music & Sound effects
- Beautiful background
More special abilities & levels will come in future...

Little Ponies My PhotoBooth

Little Ponies My PhotoBooth  apk

Introducing Photo Stickers: My Little Pony - add effects like Rarity, Pinkie, Twilight, Sparkle, Fluttershy on your photos, and share them with your friends!

Photo Stickers: MLP Game gives you the ability to edit your photographs for fun or for your avatar on facebook! Add interesting stickers and effects to your images with a touch, and bring the magic to your pictures!

Photo Booth: My Little Pony Game gives you the ability to make your photographs cool and creative. Add Celestia , Rainbow, Spike, Scootaloo, Applejack on any image and show it to your friends, your mom or your sister.

You can also edit all stickers, so they will look like the real thing! The awesome colors and high resolution images from our Photo Effects Gallery are perfect for your pics!

This professionally developed and expertly created app takes your ordinary photos and makes them extraordinary! This app is extremely easy to use and very fun to create cool photos with it! Create awesome photos of your friends and family with this genius new My Little Pony stickers app that has fans around the world! To get started using Photo Effects: My Little Pony just download it now!

app Features:

• Fun app! Make a lot of fun for your friends and relatives editing their photos!
• Great graphics! More than 50 Sticker in our free Stickers Gallery!
• Awesome editing! You can zoom in or out all stickers or use eraser and restore effects on them!
• Sweet photo pranks!
• Professionally developed!
• Expertly created and designed!
• Trade and show photos with your friends!
• Easy to use application and editing software!
• It’s easy to download and hardly occupies any big space in your android!
• It can turn your photographs into a lovely piece of smile and enjoyment; you will love to share them with your friends!

This app is great fun for photo editing for any age and skill level. Have a great time spicing up your photos or playing cool pranks on your loved ones. This stickers app will offer you hours of entertaining fun! To get started putting tats on your friends and family, download Photo Effects: My Little Pony now!

Southern Savers

Southern Savers  apk

Cut your grocery bill in half by easily pairing what's on sale with all the latest coupons. Make your shopping list and head to the store! You can even search for specific products you need and find what store has the best price.

You can now find great deals by scanning barcodes.

Temple Fight 2014

Temple Fight 2014  apk

The latest fighting game in 2014!
Lifelike 3D visual effects!
Powerful hit game experience!
Strategic and skillful control!
Temple Fight 2014 is an action game with the topic of temple.
The characters in it are very delicate, making the scenes really impressive!
As an action game, the proportion of the characters is quite big, so you can clearly see the moves and judge the place and distance better.
The kill-to-death skills of each can show the movements better.
Especially the skills of super kill and strengthened kill-to-death.
The differences between modes are smaller than other action games.
All these mentioned above can help you play this game more smoothly!
★★★★★Delicate scenes
★★★★★Various movements
★★★★★Abundant and funny content!
★★★★★Smooth control with unique keys

Cute wallpaper★INFINITY

Cute wallpaper★INFINITY  apk

Super cute and free theme for the free wallpaper/icon changeover app "Homee launcher" ♪

A magical universe spreads out across your screen♪
The vivid, colorful icons in this theme are really cute too♥

★ Changeover clocks, icons, and other items to fit cutely with the wallpaper!
★ Give your smartphone a makeover with this easy-to-use app! You can even dress up every day♪
★You'll be sure to find wallpapers or icons you like! There are just tons of cute themes!

+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.

A great selection of free and cute themes!
Make your smartphone cute and cool with this easy-to-use app!

Install and use the definitive edition of the wallpaper and icon changeover app "Homee launcher" ♪

Click here to install Homee!

+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.

Homee launcher has a ton of features! It also has lots and lots of useful functions ♪

★ Decorate your entire home screen! Enjoy dressing up everything ♪
★ This app lets you change the clock, icons, search widget, and even the lock screen to match your wallpaper!
★ There are tons of free, cute wallpapers and icon sets! New themes are added every week!
★ There's a great selection of popular styles, from fashionable and beautiful wallpapers to girly and cute wallpapers! You'll definitely love it ♥
★ More than just cute! After you dress up, it works efficiently and is easy to use

Strife Companion App

Strife Companion App  apk

Craft recipes, earn resources, and purchase pets any time with the only app designed to take your Strife experience beyond the battlefield!

* Wheel of Strife: Never miss a day of free resources by spinning the Wheel of Strife anytime, anywhere!

* Crafting: Use your resources on the go to create the perfect item for your playstyle and be ready to conquer your foes as soon as you log into the game.

* Pets: Purchase new pets so you can jump straight into a match with your companion.

* Heroes: Check out hero stats and abilities to prepare your strategy for your next battle. Purchase new gearsets and dyes so you can defeat your rivals in style!

Old Keys E611 Keyboard Theme

Old Keys E611 Keyboard Theme  apk

Decorate your keyboard with the old-school classic keyboard!

It is free! Download it and try it now!

- GO Keyboard theme is only available for phones with GO Keyboard(Emoji Free) installed.
Click here to install GO Keyboard(Emoji Free)!
- This theme is only run on GO Keyboard 1.8.0 or up.

★How to Apply the Theme:
Step 1. Download this theme.
Step 2. Click into GO Keyboard -> Theme Settings -> Local -> Apply

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Watch Finder for Android Wear

Watch Finder for Android Wear  apk

Do you have experience that is embarrassed by lost the SmartWatch and SmartPhone?
The have somewhere nearby but did you difficult to find it always?

Please use the ‘Watch Finder’ If you want to prepare for such a situation that anyone can experience.
Watch Finder helps to prevent lost by check the connection state of the watch and phone in real time.
Generate sound, vibration and etc automatically in lost device. So you can easily find it.
As well as, You can also check the last connection time and address of two device.

Main function
- If the two devices are disconnected, it informs the user
- Generate sound, vibration and etc automatically in lost device.
- Check the most recent connection time and address of two device.

kodeglam, smartwatch, android wear, finder

Laundry Girls

Laundry Girls  apk

Get ready kids for washing clothes in one of the best laundry games, with laundry girls the kids washing clothes game - the latest girls game of its kind.

Laundry Girls - Girls Game - Copyright © ICAW – 2014

Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine

Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine  apk

Slot machine simulation. Free unlimited play.

Star Wars - Wallpapers

Star Wars - Wallpapers  apk

Set wallpaper or just download image of your favourite movie - Star Wars.

- Awesome unique Star Wars wallpapers
- Get the R2D2, C3PO or Lord Vader.
- Only extremely high quality pictures
- New wallpapers and images every day
- No need to worry about battery or memory. No ringtones, no notifications, no icon packs, no live wallpapers. Simply focuses on the image itself.
- Save the images to your personal album

Android L Lockscreen Plus

Android L Lockscreen Plus  apk

Have you ever tried android L lockscreen before? Do you wanna see how it works?
Try our app, we will show you how android L Lockscreen looks like. We simulated up to 90 percent of the original android L Lockscreen.


- Ability to change lockscren background (10 android L wallpaper or pick from your gallery).
- Ability to blur lockscreen background.
- Configure swipe direction to open any apps.
- Using expand action like orginal L lockscreen such as reply,call back.
- Blacklist any apps from showing on lockscreen notifications.
- Security to protect your phone.

Please help us to translate it to your language: http://www.getlocalization.com/Lockscreen/
If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us at: luckycoinl56@gmail.com.
We will answer as soon as possible.

Currency Converter

Currency Converter  apk

Currency Converter - Convert different Currencies In Real Time.

Know the value of the currency or currencies of the country you want and makes the value against another currency.

Currency Converter is fast, easy and simple to use. All values ​​run in real time with the official central bank valuation to determine how much worth the coin or currency conversions.

This application is 100% Free and recommended for you. Download it now!

Turbo Bit

Turbo Bit  apk

TURBO BIT is an addictive pixel racing on a colorful endless highway.

Beat your Best Score using your super fast reflexes!
Electric and Minimal Arcade Game: simple to play, impossible to win! Play this exciting indie racer game for free!

Drive fast in traffic and dodge other vehicles or you will crash:
- Tap to overtake: use finger to move the car ­ Dodge cars and trucks
- Avoid obstacles
- Collect 8­Bit Power­Ups

Race against your Friends at maximum speed and share your Crashes! Have a nice run... and be prepared to crash!

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