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Human Spider Bot 3D

Human Spider Bot 3D  apk

Human Spider Bot is an action game . Fly with the spider and destroy the enemy. Battle has begun. Iron Transform evil bots are going to destroy the earth. Stop them!!!

3D Music
3D Graphics
Real Phisics
Google Play totalle FREE

Steam Era

Steam Era  apk

Of the steam era punk machinery is a fixed Tower Defense game. Game players can override the turret free combination of skill, interest is very strong, very recreation classes for strategy gamers.

Use of 3D technology, particles effects in-game characters. Make the images more realistic.

This game is shooting games and Tower Defense game combines Fort is located in the left side of the screen, battery to automatically launch, monsters appear from the right and fired artillery shells into a parabola. Players need to slide your finger up or down to control battery firing shell in terms of finally hit the target. Fort had 100 HP when HP to 0 o'clock games end.

Dinosaur Sniper Hunter HD

Dinosaur Sniper Hunter HD  apk

There used to be a time when the world was ruled by the dominion of Earth’s mightiest creatures ever. No living creature was able to challenge the reign of dinosaurs, huge monsters that raved rampage on Earth for thousands of years before falling deep into the Earth’s depths. All that’s left of their monstrosities is their minor remains. But what if this prehistoric time comes back to raise havoc on Earth once more!!! Will the human race be ready to thrive if this wilderness was to return to our time!!!

Hunting reaches an all new level of dangers as you get thrown in the middle of the most hostile environment possible.

Dinosaur Sniper Hunter HD brings breathtaking graphics and stunning environments to the Android games platform. Venture into the extreme and dangerous era of the dinosaur hunt, where sniper shooting gets an all new different meaning.

Take on waves of violent t-rex monsters and survive for as long as you can. You are equipped with a sniper rifle and an arsenal of awesome powerups which might just be powerful enough to drive these ferocious enemies away.

- Kills hordes of dinosaur waves with guns and powerups
- Reach personal best scores in the Endless Mode of the game
- Use the device settings to assign sensitivity options
- Share you progress on social medias e.g. Facebook to challenge your friends
- Get a more divulging gaming experience with Google Play Games Service
- Keep track on your progress in the game with leaderboards and unlockable achievements

The next planned upgrade for DINOSAUR SNIPER HUNTER HD is scheduled with brilliant new updates and features
- A Wider array of assault weapons like assault rifles, RPGs etc.
- New Game Levels and environments
-More Dinosaurs to be added soon

All characters and visuals created in the game are sole property of Muddy Apps©. Use and collection of any materials is subject to the company’s Privacy Policy

©Muddy Apps. All Rights Reserved
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Plastic Surgery Dentist

Plastic Surgery Dentist  apk

"Being a Dentist Doctor can be the most amazing thing ever! Just imagine yourself wearing a lab coat like a nurse and making sure little princesses have beautiful looking teeth.

You start the day by going to the Doctors Hospital where kids are just waiting to get their teeth fixed. Think of it like giving a fun teeth makeover; sounds interesting doesn't it? But don't worry you won't be all alone in this, you will be assisted by a nurse in the clinic to help with all the little treatments.


- Kids Mania: Fun characters to choose from
- Awesome Clinic: Yup, since you are going to be working as a dentist we want you to have the best hospital environment there is with nurses to help you along the way
- Dental Clinic Tools that will amaze: Let us show you how epic our plastic surgery dentist it, these tools are beauty for the teeth
- Princess Beauty Mania: With help from the nurse make the little princesses teeth shine like a star

-----Game Play-----

- Remove Plaque: Teeth are affected by eating junk food, so let the cleaning begin!
- Battle Germs: Save the kids by taping away to kill Germs at the hospital
- Fill Cavities: Germs can create small holes in teeth, fixing them up should not be a problem for a Doctor like you!
- Shine on Teeth: Get rid of all that yellow stuff and move on to the dental makeover
- Makeover Mania: Fun braces for those little kids & beauty princesses!

So you see, being a dentist doctor at an awesome hospital clinic is a fun filled experience. So get started with the dentist mania and move on to the next level of beauty makeover!


TIPY TAPY WEB ADDRESS: http://tipytapy.webs.com/

TIPY TAPY PRIVACY POLICY LINK: http://tipytapy.webs.com/privacy-policy

TIPY TAPY SUPPORT ADDRESS: tipytapyapps@gmail.com"

iClone Ringtones

iClone Ringtones  apk

iClone Ringtones is a collection of 30 new ringtones that you can set as ringtone, SMS notification or alarm sound. The chosen ringtone can also be assigned to a specific contact in your contact list. Get some fresh new sounds for your phone!

Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.

Angry Shark Shooter 3D

Angry Shark Shooter 3D  apk

The Ultimate Shark Shooting thriller, non-stop action packed defense shooting FPS game.
Just when you thought it was safe to enter the waters of Paradise Island, giant angry Shark rise from the deep sea. You are the chosen shark hunter to save the humanity from angry shark. World needs your shooting skills to control this water beasts, known as angry shark, with huge deadly Jaws. Kill it before the hungry sharks kills all the humans and infect the mankind. Be cautions, Angry Sharks are most dangerous predators in the ocean that can detect prey from large distances, approaches very fast and kills in fraction of seconds. Can you save the mankind with your superior sniper and killing skills, openly challenging and confronting the blood hungry monster.?

Deploy your intelligent strategic shooting skills to aim these outrages monster sharks. Shoot the horrifying sea Sharks!!!

Start your glorious SHARK HUNT Now!!
• 3D High-tech tactical Guns
• Special Gun Upgrades and Super Ship Armors
• Fight against the beasty sharks
• HD graphics
• And much more!

Road Traffic Racer

Road Traffic Racer  apk

Road Traffic Racer is an awesome racing game, featuring delicate user interfaces and realistic scenarios. Drive your car through highways. Speed up and overtake other vehicles on the road like a gust of wind! In addition, you can earn more coins to buy a cool car you like most, and upgrade it to the top level! Wanna be a top racer? Or become a city speed racer or desert speed racer? Come on, this racing game has them all. So what are you waiting for, buddy? No Racing No Fun! Download and enjoy it right now!

- Excellent 3D graphics
- Lots of cars along with you - the traffic racer!
- Realistic car physics simulation and car traffic simulation
- Car customization through paint and wheels
- 4 game modes: Endless, Two-way, Time Trial and Free ride
- 4 scenarios: suburb, grass, snow and desert
- Awesome music effect
- Endless racing and fun!
- No extra data package needed!

Crazy Dentist - Fun game

Crazy Dentist - Fun game  apk

Do you want to become a dentist and help these children with their teeth?

Now you can become the best dentist in the world

This is a game 100% Free.

Noyze Volume Panel

Noyze Volume Panel  apk

The customizable volume panel replacement for Android (Jelly Bean 4.3+)


noyze is a free app that gives you complete control over your device's volume buttons. It is the only volume panel that does not require root access, a custom ROM, the Xposed framework, or an unlocked boot loader! Just activate noyze in Accessibility and enjoy! It comes preloaded with tons of settings, including master volume (sync all volumes), long press actions (next/ previous track or launch a shortcut), themes, and much more.
If you've got a device with broken or jammed volume buttons, noyze allows you to disable them. Once again you can listen to music and get notifications.

A note regarding Accessibility: this is necessary to override the volume buttons. Noyze uses this feature for that purpose only, and does not collect, share, or store ANY information, period.


· Status Bar (minimal theme that covers the status bar)
· Heads Up (notification style volume notifications with music controls)
· Windows Phone 8 (music controls, full-size album art, and easy access to change the ringer mode)
· Paranoid Android (sleek extended volume controls: adjust multiple volume seamlessly)
· Blackberry (Blackberry theme with contextual media controls)
· Apple iOS (trick your friends into think you've got an iPhone)
· Volume Bar (like the MIUI battery bar, a strip of color at the top of the status bar)
· Extended Controls (like CyanogenMod Extended Controls with Oppo theme)
· MIUI V5 (centered, circle theme from MIUI V5)
· Invisible (it's like it's not even there)


“No root required. This is awesome!” - Unlifer of Reddit
“I just installed it today and it is already in my 'must have' apps list.” - hiddenstreet of Reddit
“This is so freaking awesome.” - pizzatybg of Reddit
“Hands down the most convenient app I've downloaded in awhile.” - Davin Laurell
“How has this not been done before?” - Axel Samuelsson


- Directly call phone: used for long press shortcuts to call a contact
- Change audio settings: control volume/ ringer mode
- Draw over apps: emulate the volume panel
- Google Play billing: offer in-app purchases for themes
- Retrieve running apps: monitor system & app events to mimic volume panel behavior
- Full network access: collect anonymous usage statistics to help improve the app (can be disabled in advanced settings, see our privacy policy)
- Phone status and identity: monitor when a phone call is active.
- Disable lock screen: launch activities (e.g. sound settings) from lock screen


Unfortunately, Android has several limitations that affect noyze:

- Apps can't interact with the power button, so noyze may interfere with taking screenshots (see Advanced settings for a workaround).
- Apps cannot override the behavior of hardware buttons when the screen is off, so features like long press actions only work while the screen is on.
- Apps can't set the volume above the "safe limit," so the max volume might be lower with headphones.

For additional information, visit http://noyzeapp.com
Join our Google+ Community at https://plus.google.com/communities/112130153614078864555
Supported languages: English, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil)
Icon by Justin Perricone http://www.perriconedesign.com/


noyze is developed with love by Tom Barrasso (http://barrasso.me). Your feedback is very important. If you appreciate noyze, please leave a comment on the Play Store, share it with friends, and, if possible, please consider going pro.

If you are experiencing issues, please contact me and I'll do my best to fix the them.

Thank you, now let's make some noyze!

Comment King on Instagram

Comment King on Instagram  apk

Do you want more Comments on Instagram?? Are you tired of followers that don't like or comment your photos & videos?? Then be a Comment KING on Instagram!!

How it works:
1.) Earn coins by commenting on photos
2.) Spend coins to get comments

*************The ONLY Comment App for Instagram**************

TONS of Features like:
√ 100% control over your comments
√ You choose what comments are posted to your photos
√ Create custom comments or choose from over 50 pre-made comments
√ We don't allow identical comments to be posted twice so it doesn't look fake
√ Commenters get to see the photo and choose from the available comments so guys can avoid posting a <3 to another guy, etc.
√ No banner ads
√ No bots
√ REAL comments from REAL Instagrammers!
√ Earn coins, get FREE coins, or buy coins
√ Get unlimited comments to your photos!!!
√ Nothing will ever be posted unless you choose it - you are in control!!

No more weird, fake or spammy comments :) Become a COMMENT KING!

*You need an Instagram account to use this app
*Upcoming versions will offer cool new features and improvements

Tenuix FREE - Icon Pack

Tenuix FREE - Icon Pack  apk

Make the design of your smartphone and tablet unique, delicate and precious with TENUIX!
The brand new icon pack for everyone: Tenuix
You will not resist Tenuix's simple and tenuous style, result of the HD rounded icons.
The accurate choice of colors makes TENUIX the most elegant icon pack.

⊗ 810+ HD icons
⊗ 22 HD wallpapers redesigned by Degano Simone
⊗ Young, simple, elegant and precious design
⊗ Live calendar
⊗ Icon request tool for missing apps: ask for the icons that are not there!
⊗ Supported launchers: Action, Adw, GO, Adwex, Apex, Aviate, Nova, Smart, Holo, Next
⊗ Icon masking will theme all your unthemed icons
⊗ Works with every launcher using Unicon
⊗ Icons sorted in several categories
⊗ Updates every day/two days

⊗ RATE and COMMENT Tenuix! ⊗

Contact me if you have any problem with Tenuix and if you want a new icon for an app!

Follow me on social network to see my other projects

Google +: https://plus.google.com/+SimoneDegano
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimoneDegano
Tenuix website: http://simonedegano7.wix.com/tenuix



AniShare  apk

Watch @nime android mobile app on smartphone & tablet
See what others like in the Popular section
Over 2000 @nime series & m0vies provided by our partner
Favorites section for easy access
Integrated guide to track your progress
Browse through the new releases in the Latest section
Download option for offline usage
Search functionality to find your all your anime
Community section for chatting with other users

Silent Copter

Silent Copter  apk

Simple and addictive helicopter runner


Bejeweled  apk

Languages ​​available: French, English.

Achieve the highest score possible by assembling three or more gems of the same color to disappear them, try to execute combos or cascades repeatedly to multiply your points!
Boost gauge BONUS for maximum points!

The game ends when the bonus meter reaches 0, the gauge goes down over time, the more you make the bonus, the more gauge go down quickly, so be reactive and do not let the gauge drop to 0!

Age of Espers (Beta)

Age of Espers (Beta)  apk

Explore, battle, and summon mighty espers in this epic fantasy RPG!

In a cloud touched world of floating islands and strange magic, a single hero stands against a tide of evil! Age of Espers sets you on a fun and action-packed RPG adventure where only the strongest and most determined will survive!

Fight enemies in real-time combat!
Decimate your foes with powerful magical attacks!
Overcome tough bosses and dangerous dungeons!

Collect a team of epic espers to summon in battle!
Enhance and Evolve your espers to reach new levels of power!
Customize and combine different esper abilities to build a unique and powerful team!

IN-APP PAYMENTS: Age of Espers is free to play but you can buy special items to use in the game.

Having a problem? Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us at support-aoe@kiwiup.com

The Epic Might

The Epic Might  apk

Epic Might is a free MMORPG with dynamic, captivating gameplay.

The Sheivans, northerners from across the sea, and Narmascians, the original inhabitants of the land of Narmas, have been battling against each other for centuries. Now a new trouble threatens both tribes: evil spirits are multiplying in the Narmascian forests, and the undead are rising in the Sheivan settlements.

The heroes of the two tribes have already begun an epic battle against the powers of Evil. Can you become the best hero of all?


- Join other players and create clans!
- Fully animated 3D battles
- Simple, comfortable battle system
- 50+ game locations
- 100+ monsters
- 600+ unique equipment items
- 1000+ challenging tasks
- Duels and mass PvE and PvP battles
- All kinds of battle styles and possibilities
- Plus, you can change your battle style without creating a new character
- Advanced messaging system between players
- Battle for territory!
- Players over level 5 can participate in regular daily tournaments!
- Get information about potions or scrolls during the battle
- Transfer your character between devices

Colorful, beautiful 3D graphics will make your adventure in the world of Epic Power and its legendary warriors unforgettable!

Play the exciting plot line together with tens of thousands of other players as you battle all kinds of monsters and real opponents. Become the most famous warrior in Narmas, crush your enemies and impress your friends, and rise to the heights of fame and glory!

OPEN BETA-TESTING is underway.

Please report all errors to epic@wildec.com.

Ninja Turtles 2014 : Puzzle

Ninja Turtles 2014 : Puzzle  apk

++ _ ++ Of your favorite cartoon characters into three-dimensional movie that is popular right now is the Ninja Turtles or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, many people are following now. It is another matter that a lot of people and a popular following and attention from the past to the present.
With a fun story A turtle who is a hero and do missions are fun.

++ _ ++ Play Ninja Turtle Ninja Turtle movies and cartoons, 2014 from the New York counterpart. Games to Mobile For those who like Or is a fan of turtles, then do not miss this game, but for how fast a player must use cunning to do missions. The accompanying pictures to complete the form players to choose from. Then the sensitivity of the mission is completed successfully. The players need to concentrate on the speed of the timer for each task as well.

++ _ ++ Load depends on the applications and the network provider you are with.

++ _ ++ Thanks for downloading.

MP3 Tube Downloader

MP3 Tube Downloader  apk

Search and download unlimited music on your phone.
* Find and download your favorite songs.
* Find lyrics.
* Set as Ringtone
* Integrated music player while you do other things.
Powerful and fast.
So come, and try it.

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